Project Cars Kerfuffle

So I was a ‘team member’ sponsor for this title, in that I put down $30 or so a couple of years ago when we were all young, naive and did kickstarters with abandon.

It looks like it launched and they sent me a voucher to redeem on steam for 50% off, plus some other info I ignored. Given that I am an AMD 290 user, should I go ahead and snap it up (again)? I think it is worth it, but thought best to gather opinions if anyone has it already. Good/bad perf on AMD?

I certainly don’t remember any bad performance in the beta program, of which I did download a couple of times and try out.

Here’s the info on the ‘AMD is bad!’ news that went out:

Hmm, and now they say that Witcher 3 performs worse on AMD due to Nvidia extensions?

I hope this isn’t a prevailing trend, where we go back to ‘You don’t have a 3DFX card, sorry’… :frowning:

This has been an issue for a long time. Many moons ago when I was playing Star Wars Galaxies. I had an AMD Video card. They weren’t AMD but something else before AMD snatched them up.

Anywho I always had to wait a few days to update Star wars because AMD didnt have the drivers ready.

ATI that was the name…

So it seems to me like we are falling back into NIVIDA being the preferred gamer card.

From what I read about the PCARS thing it just sounds like AMD doesnt care.

I think for PCARS the Nvidia PHYSX exclusive made things worse. There is meant to be a new AMD driver out soon, and in terms of value their cards are have traditionally been pretty good. The drivers are variable in quality though. :smile:

I honestly have never had an issue with a video card. Just issues with drivers. Which since I have switched to Nvidia hasnt happened.

Thing with pCARS is there really wasnt much of an issue until release. then it was a huge issue.

For any AMD users (like me) of PCARS or Witcher 3, new beta drivers…

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Ok, a bit of a thread resurrection, but this is unusual and about PCars.

WMD (the developers) just sent me money, as in a Paypal payment, for ‘being an investor’. Basically what happened is that if you bought a ‘tool pack’ (a form of early access to the betas) then you were promised a cut of the profits. With my usual ignorance I had just ignored all that and basically just saw it as a form of kickstarter, where I could go ‘brmm brrmm’ without waiting for release day. Apparently at various levels of membership to the beta you’d get more money back based on how much the sim made in profit. Yesterday was the first quarterly payout of the profits.

So this is a weird one, in that early-access can be a such a double-edged sword and becoming less fashionable, but in this case I got to play early, and am now getting a chunk of money.

Not sure what to put on the tax return for this one though. Sim capital gains? :smile:

PS Not a lot of money (100EUR?) but something, or rather more than I ever put in that’s for sure.