Project Cars Pagani Edition - Free

Unexpected free to play edition of Pcars. Nice if you ever wanted to check it out. Five cars and a couple of tracks.


Guess pCars 2 isn’t that far away then

Project cars is actually really nice - my only complaint is that playing with a controller is not as good as in Forza, and the lack of proper Porsches. The Nürburgring Nordschleife is well implemented, and that’s a big plus in my book.

Cool. I think I will give that one a shot.

Driving pCARS with a game controller is like Jimmy Page bringing a ukulele instead of his Les Paul to a Zeppelin gig. :slight_smile:

The Ruf GT3 is pretty much a proper Porsche IMO. At least it has a ton on oversteer and sounds like one.


I’m more committed to Assetto Corsa but might give this a try for free.

It’s a good way to try out pCARS, but it’s just not as impressive as Assetto Corsa. It is, however, miles above anything EA puts out.