Pros and cons - single curved monitor vs. two standard...

So I know we had this discussion a couple years ago, but I’m wanting to revisit it.

I’m seriously considering buying one of those curved single monitors, but I’m still torn one whether I want to be a single monitor or multiple monitor person. I guess my question is - if I have a single widescreen monitor, can I still run a centered game/sim while having other windows open on the left or right? I think the intuitive answer to this is YES - if you run your sim in windowed mode.

My typically situation is running my sim on my 27" monitor in front of me in full screen, and using my second monitor as reference for web surfing, documents, etc… Will I suffer from not being able to do this if I go to a single widescreen monitor? Push comes to shove, I could always mount a tablet nearby…

And yes, I love VR, and am spending more and more time in VR…but I’m probably 30/70 VR/non-VR at the moment just for reasons where I need a bit more resolution.

For reference…here was our old poll results:

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I had a single widescreen monitor (29 inch, 21:9, 2560 x 1080 LG (29UM65)) and I loved it.

I wouldn’t recommend 2 screens as that is, obviously, gonna put a bezel right down the centre of your view.

Start the air combat grumbling about picking up targets far enough out:

The only problem that I ran into was the DCS Impostor system (which was attempting to scale units based on distance and resolution. Because of the aspect ratio, the impostor system would break. I vividly remember one time flying on the wing of @klarsnow and @near_blind and they called out a target directly head and I could not see it. As it got closer it, literally, snapped into view. Somehow the impostor system was misrepresenting the units based on the confusing ratio it was having to deal with.

I went from that to a 4k display and missed the widescreen ratio more than I appreciated the extra pixels. I still ran into issues with DCS because I could not pick out air targets early enough (more pixels of smaller size). I am back to using a 1080p monitor, but at 29 inches. The extra physical size and 1080p resolution is adequate for me to see things far enough out but I am always missing my widescreen.[/spoiler]

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What about getting a curved ultrawide and keeping your old monitor or an old 4:3 for charts and stuff? I have one but don’t think I’d want to window a sim and try to fit other windows off to the sides. You’re going to want to sit in the center of the screen to get the most out of the curve so you’ll also want to keep the sim window centered. I don’t see the sides having that much usable space unless you shrink the sim a lot. You’re probably using TrackIR too, so you wouldn’t want to keep changing the position where you center your sim.
My plan was to hook up my old 27" for docs, charts, etc. but haven’t done it yet due to space and VR. At this point I think the most useful thing would be small but high pixel density screen under the ultrawide, something like laptop screen size but I don’t know if that exists.
Edit: Just thought to add, there is something about having different kinds of content separated on another screen that seems more intuitive, or it’s a sign that I’ve started to get old.

I have a 48" Samsung curved 4K TV, and am seriously considering this Samsung curved monitor, CHG90 QLED. The TV is not fast enough when flying close to the ground.

You will want a second monitor, and will probably want to run the big one in Full Screen.