PSA - FlightSimStore

Just a quick Public Service Announcement. I saw a post on Reddit earlier indicating that REX Simulations had sent out an e-mail to users indicating that they would continue to support users who had purchased their products from TheFlightSimStore. A few months ago, a lot of customer purchases went unavailable temporarily as the FSS switched servers. They appear to mostly be back up, however the recent e-mail from REX has made me a little nervous about the status of FSS. I’d recommend if you have products you’ve purchased from them, to perhaps go ahead and redownload them and store the serial/registration keys away (most of you probably already do this anyway) just in case some day it goes away.

I’ve always had good service from the FSS, and as far as I can tell, everything is working properly there - but I’ve lost downloads from other stores that have shuttered, so keep your backups!