"Pull Up, Pull Up"

Once upon a time, I was on a chartered MAC flight from Bahrain to elsewhere. There were 48 of us on that big old DC-10, and this was during the time when people were taking potshots at low flying airplanes in some areas. When we received clearance for takeoff, it felt like our run was a quarter the length of the runway, then it fly like the flight crew put the darn thing on its tail and just climbed. Talk about a surprising start to the ride!

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Every 6 months… Damn you simulator !!!

Have you found any FSX or X-Plane modules that are pretty close to the FBW and Direct Law characteristics of the Airbus? Just curious if you’ve dabbled in any of them…

Can’t you use your sim-community chops and your aviation knowledge to hitch yourself a ride on the real thing?!

@BeachAV8R to be honest, i fell off the fsx bandwagon a while ago. So unfortunately i have not tested any modules for fidelity. I need to invest in bigger hard drives, as fsx can’t fit on.

If it weren’t for a few select things…and the requirement that I need FSX for some writing stuff, I’d probably completely move to X-Plane and DCS. I’m skipping P3Dv3 - I just can’t keep up anymore.

Yeah. I hear ya. I would love to try an A320 module though and give it a good comparison.

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That looks just like one of my A-10 gun runs…except for the part where he avoided the controlled flight into terrain. :laughing:

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Well…this is cool. The internet and computers never cease to amaze me… RE @TheAlmightySnark gif below…

EDIT: Beach and I posted on the same moment, but I tried to upload this one already this morning, alas it got into the mudspike forum limbo! I think I can claim moral victory :wink:


I like your gif version better than the video one… LOL…I retracted mine!

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It’s a perfect subject for a repeating image though, I am still mesmerized. Shame that we can’t see the dispensation of the fire retardant. That could have been interesting!

That’s INSANE! Amazing, amazing stuff- that gif.

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Just a normal workday:


God that must be surreal to see that come out of all that smoky orange haze…awesome!

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It looks semi-apocalyptical. I suppose it must feel like that for the people living in the wooded hills that are on fire.

On another note, why do people keep moving back into those hills? Aren’t they on fire on a yearly basis? I know forest fires are a natural rejuvenation process though, would be a bad idea to stop that completely.

I once knew a guy (over the Internet) who lived in Fargo, ND.
They had the opposite of fires: The Red River of the North causes flooding almost every year in spring.
IIRC the USAF once even dropped live bombs into the rivers to break the ice and such stuff.
The people who lived in the flooded regions still returned to their houses every year. I guess it is because it is their home. :slight_smile:
Same for the people in Oklahoma who are hit by tornados almost every year.

Meh, they could have gone full throttle and made it… a purple haze. :sunglasses:

Aaaand, I’ll be getting my coat.:no_mouth:

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Real estate prices in California are rather insane, especially the closer you get to the major metro areas.

Also, a lot of those forested areas are pretty close to major cities, and the Santa Ana winds spread the things very, very fast. The 2003 Cedar fire in San Diego moved from a state forest to the suburbs in a matter of a few hours. The Witch Creek fire in 2007 was the same way- started in a very remote area, and ended up forcing evacuations of many parts of the suburbs, even to the coast, and even parts of Camp Pendleton. @531Ghost, you were there for that one as well, right?

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I was indeed there. We had fire come all the way to the flight line there at MCAS CPEN.