"Pull Up, Pull Up"

I remember driving up the 5 through there and seeing the brush on both sides of the freeway on fire. It was surreal.

I remember shooting skeet at the range near the runway at Miramar during the 2003 fires (i think) and watching this huge wall of flames approaching from the east. It was really surreal.

Same during the Cocos fire in San Marcos in 2014. I worked on the main road, about 2 miles north of the university there, and watching those flames crest that hill and start coming down towards the campus was terrifying. The dc10s and others did a good job of stopping it though.

Wow. Just wow. The gif didn’t load on my phone for some reason, which is why I am commenting it now.
How does that retardant smell and taste? Judging by that gif you have tasted it. :smiley:

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I believe it tastes like carcinogens.


Yeah I guess it isn’t too healthy.

That phrase is useful for any type of fluid used in aviation :wink:

of interest: Fire retardant - Wikipedia

Or tasting of not being on fire, so there’s that…


If it’s California, it’s most likely a red Zinfandel, is it not?

I’m now picturing Californian’s screaming with pain as they realize that it’s a Merlot instead. :slight_smile:


Oh the horror, or better yet - a Chilean Merlot.


“Santa Barbara Area Man Sets Himself On Fire After Being Rescued By New World Red”

The headlines write themselves…


Stranger things have happened in Isla Vista…

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Moar footage…

Can’t tell if flying like that would be fun or terrifying.

I’m going to err towards fun.

@TheAlmightySnark’s gif now with sound!

(video in the link, can’t embed it)

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Nice photo of tanker 10