Purchased 2 Mini LFE's not the desired effect?

Hey guys,

I recently purchased 2 mini LFE’s and added them to my BKA 130C amp. now with doing that it made each have 45w per buttkicker.

Now it reqally does not seem much different then just having the 1 buttkicker… my Question is If I get another amp with about 250w will that give the Buttkickers more boost or just bottom them out quicker with the additional watts?

I am looking for my Kick in my Butt LOL!! but adding just 2 buttkickers did not seem to do it so I am guessing I need more wattage here?

Thank you

Hmmm, let me think back…More Pow-wa! could help but you can over do it of course.
I’m working from my memory of a few years ago but, without knowing your setup, my first guess is: Isolation…

When I initially built mine I noticed a BIG difference - without floor padding.

I might not have emphasized it enough in that article but, I initially got little ‘kick’ until I put the foam padding under my chair.

My guess then was, without the padding underneath, all the ‘juice’ was going into the floor. Sure, it did something, but more noise than vibration. And of course less noise is good for those around you.

I could be over-stating it but, in my mind, with a body in the chair (assuming this is the situation you have), the rig is part of the structure (house) and that little puck can’t do much to that. Anyway, it worked for me.

The BK is on an arm which helps a lot and likely why they did it that way. My pucks are attached underneath the seat on small, flat, ‘shelves’.

Hope this helps.

well here is my setup and room and all.

I use a PC chair base and a car seat mounted on a 3/4" MDF sheet between the chair base and chair seat… I am on a concrete floor with a throw rug under it.

I Was going to add a 1/2" Rubber mat but I tried isolating the chair before and it did not seem to make a diffeerence with rubber feet… they where 2.5" thick rubber half spheres and I had 5 mounted under each arm where the wheel went it did not seem to make much difference so not sure if the rubber mat will help any?

I have a 90w BKA-130C amp with 2 mini LFE’s that are @ 45w each but the mini LFE can take 50-250w, hence I was thinking add more Power to the Transducers…

EDIT: the more I think about this I think I just need a bigger transducer and maybe more wattage I really am unsure. it seems to be working OK it just seems off a bit then with the single buttkicker??

Seems likely.

I have 1 Mini LFE + BK Gamer 2 + Auroasound AST 2B-4. Yeah, it’s a mess under my chair :slight_smile: All driven by a 300 watt Fosi Audio [mono] amp. I can’t turn it up above 50% or the Mini locks out. And it’s too much almost anyway.

A total of about 1 - 1.5 pounds of ‘puck’ (I forget the exact specs of the pucks but none are over ~.5 lbs).

well it seems I need more mass for a better Buttkicker thump… The Gamer Pro has a 1lb piston I think that is going to be a future option as I am already in the hole with these mini LFE’s…

I will see what I can do with them for now maybe attatch them directly to the chair somehow instead of on the piece of wood… itmight shake the chair beeter going direct to it… I will need to have a better look at the chair to see what I can do there…

But Mass is probally the best way to get the kicker effect in full effect…

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OK I just spent an hour in the Sim flying the Apache, for the most part it seems ok and like 2 are better then 1 I guess.

I am thinking maybe the music is not as good as the mini concert was vs these mini LFE’s… OR it could be that the pistons needed to sync up or something as it seems a bit better now for some reason…

Need to save for a video card and these little intrusions keep sidetracking me…

I have a 2x50W 4Ohm amp delivering to four small 15/30W bass shakers, and that absolutely rocks my world on max…

Well I am going to try and add more watss but not sure how to wire the trasducers. I did find this guide here that used 2 mini lfe’s and a 1000w amp:

I was wondering should I wire my transducers like this and set the amp too 4 ohms @ 400Watts?

OK I called Buttkicker but they did not want to offer help on 3rp party amps but he did tell me I need to hook it up in Paralell so I did and it seemed to be a bit more refined using the iNuke 3000DSP amp.

I guess I can just use the iNuke for a while and see how it does it definetely buttkicks with more wattage but I guess overall mass plus wattage would be better… But for now it is fine as it is a bit more thump then I had with the 1 transducer…

I am going to go and test ingame and see what it does there so good news I got it working and it seems fine.


The Solution would probally have been too buy 2 Buttkicker Advanced and run it with my Behringer iNuke 3000DSP…

I think Mass would be what makes these butkickers work best and the Advanced has a 1lb piston with the total weight being over 3lbs.

The Mini LFE’s are ok but I think a bigger piston would give me the desired effect YMMV :wink:

Thank you all…

Hey guys,

Does anybody have any piston clipping or whatnot? I use SimShaker and when I have the helicopter whirl on it seems like the piston is bottoming out and hitting what seems like a rubber pad inside the Transducer.

I mean it sounds like a real helicopter that way I was just wondering if that is the desired sound effect for that particular wave file?

Well I was wondering what the Real apache would sound/Feel like in the Pilots seat. Does anybody here know how much rumble would be in the Apache Pilots seat if any or would it be very subtle?


I doubt there’s much that’s subtle where an Apache’s involved! :joy:

To answer the question, I don’t know about an Apache, but hearing them speak on the radio it sounds like they’re pretty vibrate-y machines, just like all helicopters. I have my Huey effects at about 50% and it feels about right to me, YMMV.

I was just wondering as I have never rode in a helicopter only hear them as they overfly on occasion. they sound like they would vibrate and perhaps I have it set close as I can.

I’ve only ridden in a handful of models and only have stick time in one, but yeah they definitely do haha.

That’s mostly interference from the rotor shadowing the antenna, not vibrations. And while helicopters vibrate more than fixed wing aircraft (the DHC8 excluded :wink: ) they don’t sound like that on the intercom, my offshore flying friends tell me.

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