Q&A With Rogue System

Originally published at: http://www.mudspike.com/qa-with-rogue-system/
Simulations seem to come in waves. At one point it seemed like it wasn’t possible to get any more World War II flight simulations, but they still kept coming, and I kept buying them! Then it seemed like everybody and their producer uncle was announcing high-fidelity flight combat simulations, although, sadly, fewer of those materialized than…

Great article @EinsteinEP and Rogue System is looking pretty good to me so far. I think the niche that RogSys is filling is going to be pretty interesting for a lot of people here.

In terms of a cold cockpit start-up, what sort of time are we talking about just to get moving?

I haven’t timed it myself, but I’d say a well-rehearsed startup could be done in a couple of minutes (gotta wait for the low-energy nuclear reactor to warm up).

Great read! Color me intrigued. I will definitely keep my eye on this title.

Great read! And now this is really, really tempting me to look into the early access for this one as well… As if I already haven’t thrown enough money at space sims in the last two years…

Excellent find, gents, thank you. I am so glad to have followed you both over from SimHQ. I bought the Special Edition just now. Quick question: I will need to fiddle around somewhat to get my CH HOTAS and TrackIR up and running again and before I do so, can anyone comment re. how satisfying/effective the sim is with KB/M used exclusively for movement, views and commands? Many thanks.

I didn’t take the time to setup my HOTAS, so I used the keyboard for all the FPS and ship movement. The attitude keys default to the Insert/Delete/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn block. I would keep getting the roll and yaw commands backwards, but in general it worked well. Translation is the arrow keys for forward/backwards/left/right and the square bracket keys ( [ and ] ) for up and down. I had a hard time getting the up/down right. Trying to do translation and rotation at the same time (e.g., when docking) can be frustrating with this sort of set up without a lot of practice.

I’d recommend taking the time to get your HOTAS controls sorted out first. It’ll pay off.

Very good advice. Getting my HOTAS sorted and learning the difference between the effect of the attitude controls and that of the translation controls has made an enormous difference. I am currently struggling with the Launch Tutorial as I set off alarm tones and seem not to have got the flow quite right.