Q. about tank scenarios in IL2?

I know this is more of a flight sim forum, but getting back into IL2 Strumovik, and being more of a ground pounder myself I was interested in the TANK Scenarios in game. Chuck’s guides for the planes have been very helpful but any type of guide or instructions for the tank scenarios? The game of course has no tutorials… and my 2nd question, when I try to start the TANK scenarios I get a message I don’t have a certain plane in my account? What’s that mean, since I’m not flying? Thx for any info.

It’s a scenario that is for the tiger tank, one that comes with the Tank Crew pack. Only the T-34 and PzIII are free afaik.


Don’t see a TANK CREW pack in the DLC list, plus have all the downloads minus about 5 planes I wouldn’t be interested in… but thanks, will move on. :wink:

Before you move on too far, at least try on of the tank scenarios that doesn’t require DLC (I don’t have it either, btw). It’s really fun. I like watching all the clutch/brakes/gas footwork while I drive.


Yep - they are quite good. The Tiger etc is in the new stuff not on Steam yet - info for that new DLC pack here:

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Revived this one because I bought the $70 tank crew add-on, and extermly disappointed… I know it’s a early access, but 2 missions, 2 tanks… no AI or anything, and the worst part the keys don’t work… not the ones that are in the settings… found a list in the IL2 forum, but they work some times, or not at all… ie: R shift-1 to get to gunner seat, but no way to get back to driver seat… I mean it all just seems so broken… is there a online guide or help post to get into this. I can start my tank, drive it to the front, get into the gunner seat and fire without aiming or whatever but that’s it.

Thx in advance.

OK, finally got a mission done with success… great potential here, I had to remap keys to get stuff to work, they need to address some things, but it is only a preview after all.