Q. recent patch for DCS wiped everything?

Just wondering if this happened to anyone else… patched the game yesterday, working fine before that, went to boot it up today to fly, auto logged me out, user name and password, deactivated ALL of my modules then booted up a generic game, won’t let me sign in… go to the DCS web site, won’t let me log in there… and of course to get tech assistance, you need to log in first.

Anyone else having this problem? How do I get in contact with DCS to fix account, you need to log in to do anything.

could delete admin, contact web master via e-mail… looks like someone got my info and changed it or something like that.

Oh that’s a bummer!

Mine did that to me briefly yesterday dude. Couldn’t do anything for an hour or so. The only module that would work was the skyhawk. I logged on in game after opening the editor and dropping back out to the main screen and it worked after that. Might be worth a go. It was fine after that. Wheather it was timing or actually helped remains to be seen

I don’t think I’ve run it since I ran the latest update. Now I’m gonna have to try it when I get home to see…