Query to Laptop Users: Charging & Power Draw

To those of you with gaming laptop - have any of you noticed the tendency of it discharging, while plugged in, and gaming?

A friend of mine has a new model laptop, I7-10750H and RTX3070 mobile that exhibits the above symptom.

My own cursory research shows this to be cross-brand common but not universal. The game played here is New World.

From my understanding, the power draw exceeds the charger capacity (230W in his case) and so the laptops draw on battery to make up the difference, until they are low: about 10-30% depending on laptop brand. At which point they should throttle. Supposedly this is called “Hybrid Power”.

In his case however, the throttling was insufficient or didn’t activate and the battery actually hit 0% leading to a power-loss shutdown.

Since I know us sim flyers running demanding programs, has anyone here with a gaming laptop noticed this?


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My phone does this when I’m doing paperwork on it. Extremely annoying

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I haven’t had that happen with my Eluktronics Mech-17, but the power brick is a great big unit of a charger that weighs the same as the laptop, so your mileage may vary. That would suck!

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Yeah that battery drain while plugged in and gaming at max CPU/GPU games/sims happens on my MSI GP-66 laptop i7-10870H / GTX 3070 with that same 230W power supply, and honestly it’s not surprising, the laptop is putting out some awesome performance that would make any desktop/tower proud and with only a 230W power supply, not the 850-1000W power supplies we normally have space for on desktops.
I’ve mainly noticed it when playing MSFS2020 on Ultra or Cyberpunk2077 RTX on for a few hours, but to be honest the battery has plenty of capacity so that I’ve never had to worry about it running out, I guess if I was going to play 12hrs or something without a break I might worry about it but that’s not something I would do unless I was going to wear a diaper :slight_smile: so no issue for me.
Also it’s pretty easy to use Throttlestop to downvolt or reduce the turbo multiplier to make it not use as much power so there’s ways to tune that if it ever becomes something to worry about.
I just tested playing MSFS2020 on Ultra settings, GPU was set on 3070 discreet/dedicated mode, power on balanced mode, after 3hrs flying the battery was down 12%. Hope that helps.

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On my MSI I’m usually running in “silent” which thermal throttles versus running the fans wide open. That keeps the power draw down. Running on max performance I’m with @Kludger it’s gonna take a couple of hours before I get low.

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