Quest 3 mixed reality flying…

I thought this was pretty cool.

I am intrigued by the concept of mixed reality. Real cockpit hardware on the inside and VR outside…


I think mixed reality is probably the future of training and simulation for everything but multicrew aircraft.


And i was just about to say “training” too. Looks awesome

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Varjo are already deep into this with their XR-3 and the upcoming XR-4.

I don’t see why not?
All crew members would need VR googles with pass through, obviously, seated in the same cockpit.
But imagine doing multicrew training in a mixed reality environment via multiplayer…


Fair point.

what does this mean in your case? :slight_smile:

I wonder if the best solution, for me, is a physical cockpit and VR outside view…
That or if someone solves naked hand tracking that is good enough for manipulating switches and knobs.

I’m probably stating the obvious again, but my initial reaction is that it will be extremely useful for cockpit builders/operators. A way to combine the super realistic virtual with the physical world. Most likely a boon for those companies building sim hardware. Seems ironic that VR only pilots might one day seem as minimal or entry level.

Oculus does a pretty good job of naked hand tracking, albeit it doesn’t work in PCLink mode. I’m hoping that they solve this, because if they do, it would solve our need to purchase remotes.

Will it be so precise that one can manipulate switches in two directions and turn knobs…?
I think that actual physical switches and knobs will be better than hand tracking. At least in the near future…

Very interesting stuff!

A software that creates a passthrough image of your hands and the immediate area around them.


Throwing this here as I have nowhere else to put it. If you are struggling with what I will call “banding”, a pale or pink horizontal distortion on the lower 1/5th of your Quest screen under heavy GPU load, he is a solution I found from the Meta Quest forum:

reg add “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Oculus\RemoteHeadset” /v “numSlices” /t REG_DWORD /d “1” /f

You may not care to edit your registry and I get it. I’ve been flying for a week after this edit with no issues and no performance hit (and no banding. Yay!) Still, use at your own risk.