Question about F-4 Phantoms

Does anyone know if F-4S/J Phantoms used land based airfields for carrier practice? I know modern day jets like the F/A-18 use NOLFs complete with LSO and IFLOLS - but just curious what the fleet did back in the day to practice carrier landings?

@boomerang10 - You might have some gouge on this?


I think they did…

Good find!

“But what was especially difficult was that my “field-carrier-landing-practice” (FCLP) training had to be unexpectedly cut short. During our FCLP detachment at Yuma MCAS, the Officer in Charge (great guy and later a VF-96 Commanding Officer of some note and more…) called me aside from the officer’s swimming pool.”

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Absolutely. My uncle has told me stories about field carrier landing practice out there at night back in his Crusader days, which were quite a bit before the F-4S/J.