Question about VR gear

Heard so many good thing about using it with DCS, but have to ask.

Do you get that fishbowl effect when turning your head? You know that warping effect?
That ruins the immersion for me and why I didn’t like TrackIR.

Not sure if binocular view changes things.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @piper - yes, it’s different from trackir - no fishbowl or warping. Unlike trackir it’s a one to one relationship between where you are looking and how the screen moves, basically because the monitor is your head :slight_smile:

The downsides of VR are:

  • Hot and sweaty
  • Field of view isn’t the same a reality - you feel like it’s a ski mask.
  • The resolution isn’t as good as reality, it’s a real compromise between performance and the tech available.
  • You need a good PC to run it, otherwise if the performance is poor you literally can feel ill.
  • V1 tech, with V1+1 always on the way.

The upsides are that it is the nearest we have to feeling like you’re there. If you haven’t tried it then beg/borrow/demo a unit from someone with IL-2 BoX or DCS etc and see what you think. It’s hard to describe if you like it.


What the frog said.

@Chuck_Owl has a nice summary here:

The thing to remember is that there is no ‘true single way’. Sometimes it’s fun to fly DCS in VR. Sometimes it’s fun to fly X-Plane on a big monitor while drinking a cup to tea. It’s all good. It’s nice to have the option, we’re really lucky considering all this was sci-fi when I was a kid. :vr:

Many thanks for replying FF! You answered my big question…can’t image what it looks/feels like…

I have two selfish wishes in addition to getting my last daughter thru college - she starts next month, and that is either to to get a rig capable of VR (although my meager laptop plays the magnificent DCS f-18 well), or to save for a cherry red, Gibson ES-335).

See my dilemma?

BTW FF, love your posts! Your sometimes/almost witty responses remind me of a fellow named Ming on another forum. Peter was soo cool.

Thanks again!


I loved Ming, always had fun chatting with him on the IL2: Cliffs of Dover forum - good times!

Yep, the toys ain’t cheap. Plus they keep making more toys all the time. :slight_smile:

Cheers FF

Personally I won’t fly DCS without my Rift. There are pros and cons, but to my mind, the pros far outweigh the cons. Others disagree of course.

I was trying to hold off until a next gen but I ordered the Prime Day deal due to statements like this :joy:

@piper, that’s a tough call. If you play a lot you will get potentially a lifetime of enjoyment from the ES, as opposed to tech that will be worthless in a matter of years. IMO

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