Question regarding AH-64D

I know there are flight manuals created by Chuck’s Guides for DCS aircraft modules. I’m curious to know if there will a manual from Chuck’s Guides for the new ED AH-64D that’s being released in the near future?


Paging our resident hero @Chuck_Owl

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I bet there will be, these manuals are a byproduct of how chuck does what he likes doing; learning a new machine.


I would think the same thing.
Take for example the totally additional history/usage of the platform that is not essential to flying it but there for education/entertainment. He doesn’t need to put that in, he obviously wants to do it, even if for no one else but himself.

So if Chuck gets a module, you can bet he will release a guide for it at some point. It’s part of how he enjoys this hobby. I’m sure he enjoys our appreciation as well, and he deserves to know of it.


Yes I agree with you. I’m very appreciative of his work! It has helped me in so many ways that it would take forever to list.

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@HAWK114 Yeah, I intend to do one. I already pre-ordered my copy of the AH-64.


You should put it out in French language only, just to see the internet explode for a bit. :slight_smile:


Lol, that just blew my mind lol

Great news!!! Thanks and I can’t wait!!!

Hoggit would have my head on a spike. Worth a shot. :smiley:


Do it in quebeqcois, that way the French won’t be able to smugly snigger at the rest of hoggit going apesheet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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