Question to all Avro Vulcan Lovers

After discovered that XP11 Avro Vulcan works perfectly well on XP12 without any patch or fix (for now…), I return to it. Spending some time reviewing the manual again and doing some test flight I discovered that exist some buttons that sadly are not well documented.
What (and for what) is the button HRS/MFS that are in the right side on the pedestal (close to the fuel gauges)?
Exist any public pilots real manual of this aircraft?

Thank You!!!

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Hi, I have been on the forum sidelines for some time now enjoying the fantastic contribution of all the members. This will be my first post so I hope I can remember the details correctly……it’s been a long time.

HRS = Heading Reference System - Primary Vulcan navigation system (basic gyro stabilised platform - not INS). This system was operated by the Navigator Plotter in the middle back seat. All steering commands to the pilots were input by him and fed to the pilots main artificial horizon/indicator where the azimuth steering indicator (yellow left/right needle at bottom of the display) would show to the pilots the required left/right turn demands.These indicators were part of the MFS.

MFS= Military Flight System. This was the secondary navigation system used in the event of HRS failure (a regular event) and consisted of 2 completely independant navigation systems (pilot/co-pilot) and which included the main artificial horizon instrument with the steering demand indicator (as mentioned previously). This system was also operated and controlled by the Nav Plotter.

whilst not a 100% sure, I would guess that this switch would allow the pilots to select the appropriate steering command i.e either HRS or MFS. Also not sure whether MFS had to be selected if either pilot were required to make a manual course change (heading selector below Art Horizon)to allow the demand to be shown correctly on the steering indicator)?

I hope this helps and I’m sure if I have made a mistake someone will correct me :joy:


Wow, that must be the highest information density first post that I have seen. Feels like getting a tour in a museum.

I look forward to reading more of your posts!
And feel free to lower the bar a bit, I would love to read your thoughts also when they are a fraction of this level of info and organization


Great info there @Strix , but most importantly, welcome to Mudspike!


Many thanks for the kind words and warm welcome guys, truly appreciated.


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Talking of the Vulcan… :slight_smile:


Welcome and thank you for that info.

The initial post had me searching the manual for the ‘Just Flight’ Vulcan I have and the only reference to HRS (in all 89 pages) was this:


Quite a bit on MFS and navigation, but other than that… :grey_question:

I’m guessing that HRS isn’t modelled and the switch does nothing in this sim. Like a lot of X-Plane military aircraft, compromises have been made. for example, with the radios on this Vulcan, X-Plane 11 does not provide support for UHF radios, it has been repurposed as a VHF radio which controls COM 1 and NAV 1.

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You will definitely want to add this to your collection :wink:

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I already saw that announcement some time ago, and for sure will be a buying for me, but at the same time i feel sad that because the hype of msfs many devs gave up from xp letting their conversions from xp11 to xp12 on hold forever. And more annoying is that some conversions are very few effords compatible fixing.
Examples of companies: justflight, cowansim, inibuild, …

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For Just Flight, that is probably in part due to the partnership with Thranda that brought some of the Just Flight aircraft to XP11. I think I am correct in saying that partnership is no more? The Hawk and Vulcan were two that spring to mind.

I see you are getting to know me quite well! ;). There is no doubt that I will be getting the MSFS version just as soon as it is released.

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welcome @Strix !

regarding the XP11/12 conversions @stavka . I am more surprised by the devs doing it for free rather than disappointed by devs not doing it.

regarding Vulcan. its really great looking module and wish the cooperation between JF and Tharanda brought more classic designs into XP. on the other hand I am failing to buy all the great modules so I fully understand why the devs moves where the customers are.

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Thanks again for the warm welcome guys…

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