Question: Using a Mobile as WI-FI antenna

A little question,
Has anyone actually eer managed to use his/hers mobile connected to his/hers Desktop PC via USB as a receiving antenna for a WI-FI signal?

Not that any answer will stop me from trying, just…
Curiosity I guess.


No, but i heard if you take it over 88mph, strange things hapoen

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ROFLMAO! :smiley:

I have used my iPhone as a wireless hotspot for my PC many times. My home internet is a bit flakey as I live in a rural area, so having a backup connection has saved me from a lot of frustration over the years. I haven’t tried online flying with the cellphone connection though.

I did the same what @PaulRix did during the few times I had to take the laptop to work, for work. It wasn’t all that bad but I doubt you’d be able to do any decent online gaming with it.

Is it for a permanent solution? Or atleast regulary? or perhaps as a primary back-up? If you have a spare PCI slot you could hook up one of these.

There’s some decent ones, even in the €20-40 price range. And they’re typically faster than anything you hook up with USB.

gotta be careful tho, most cell phone providers lock the Mobile Hotspot feature on their phone unless you pay for it, and even then, they charge separately for mobile hotspot data.

I used to j8st share internet via BlueTooth on my old provider, but when they left the area ans I switched, they literally have the mobile hotspot and bluetooth network sharing profiles locked.

Unlimited 4G via USB Key from some providers is prolly better option.

I think that mobile hotspot and mobile connected to PC via USB as wifi antenna are two different things. but I could be wrong…

@komemiute never thought of such possibility. I used standard USB wifi antenna usually.

My phone detects using Mobile Network Data as Mobile Hotspot…

Whether I’m Using:
WiFi Forwarding (PC Connected to Phone via WiFi Hosted by Phone and using Mobile 4G as Source)
BlueTooth Network Sharing (PC Connected to Phone via BlueTooth and Using Moble 4G as Source)
USB Network Forwarding (PC Connected to Phone via USB and Using Phone’s 4G Network).

That’s terrible.

I guess I really explained myself badly.
I have now at home this WEB BOX that basically has a SIM card in it and connects with the regular 4G phone network to create a Wi-Fi Network at home.

The only problem for me was, my desktop PC lacks a Wi-Fi antenna* (that I bought via Amazon but’ll take a bit longer to arrive :stuck_out_tongue: ) and was trying for an ad interim solution.

I’ll just have to wait I guess. :sweat_smile:


*Got this USB3 little thing: it promises some really mean performances…

We will see…

Basically I invested my Christmas allowance for that…

and Thrustmaster MFDs

and this HUB (I was really running out of ports)

and most importantly towards my Warthog throttle main PCB.
It got wasted last winter due to a cheap A$$ed USB hub that was wayy too cheap to be good.

So I’ll FINALLY have my complete HOTAS Warthog together again and more!

I’m happy. Don’t judge me.

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Definitely you have to try the ‘mobile as wifi antenna’ thing. I am curious if it works that way :slight_smile:

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Heheheh WILCO.