Quick control setup for helicopters in MSFS

btw wondering whats your xb controller setup for helos @smokinhole ?

I’ve only flown an hour and much of that was trying different configurations. Plus I am completely new to MSFS. I think I will use a hybrid of the preset helicopter and the default. Meaning incremental anti-torque with triggers and a and b buttons for collective. The stick for collective is just way to sensitive and makes rudder control nye impossible for me. I’d prefer an RC setup with cyclic on the right but that’s not possible to do neatly with the sprung stick.

Also, I bought an Elite 2 for slightly more (hoped for) quality and precision.

Thumbs or pincher?

I think that an Xbox controller is plug n play with Windows.

Cyclic right. Collective left. No spring on the vertical axis of the stick. Strong spring on the lateral axis of the stick (anti-torque).

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Had the XP12 VSkyLabs Cabri G2 up for a flight last night, so here are some thoughts. I am going to switch back and forth between the XP12 version and the MSFS version.

I am 50/50 on this. Although the sound is better in MFSF, I miss having some rotor noise. What is the point of flying a helicopter if you don’t get some rotor/blade slapping. It’s s 3-blade rotor, so you shouldn’t expect the Huey slap but something. For XP12, the Cabri has some race car screech in the engine noise. So, it’s a trade off.

3D model:
Pretty comparable I would say. May be a slight edge for MSFS, but it is not enough for me to care. I’m not counting rivets :slight_smile:

Pretty close. The MSFS G2 has its (partly functional?) GPS unit in it, and the XP12 G2 has it’s default mid level GPS. I prefer the XP12 GPS unit as it is more functional and shows the Nav radio frequencies. The XP12 G2 also has more functionality in the panel (more switches that work) the MSFS one. Plus, the XP12 navigation OBS (I am probably getting that wrong) works, where the MSFS one is … either off or I am mis-using it. I can’t fly the radials that I would expect but maybe this is due to a magnetic north versus actual north problem? All I know is that in the MSFS G2, I end up way off the GPS track, but in XP12 it works.

Flight Model:
I would say that they are pretty close. I feel that the XP12 model is a little more sensitive that MSFS - like the collective, cyclic and pedals are a little twitchy, but in a good way? It feels a little more sensitive without being too sensitive. MSFS feels a little more solid. That may come from the feedback that the MSFS crew got from Cabri. Hover (and hover taxi) feels a little easier in XP12 due to the feeling of increased sensitivity. In flight, they both feel really close to each other when they are trimmed out. Speaking of trim, it’s a bit weird in MSFS - a quick touch on the trim seems to introduce a bigger change than expected - it’s probably more correct.

In all, much closer than I expected them to be. I didn’t do any auto-rotations or poke the VRS bear.


I don’t own the XP12 “Gumball” but I know a few people who instruct in them and they tell me that it is easier than the R22 and retains the light control feel. And that’s no surprise given its size and fully articulating rotor. The MSFS version flies pretty much like a helicopter but is still well shy of XP in overall believability. I mean, the craziest thing is that the rotor disk doesn’t move. Imagine doing a flight control check in any simulated light plane and noting that the ailerons don’t flap with yoke input. One thing I personally favor in MSFS is VRS—probably because it’s not yet modeled OR it is modeled realistically. Not for lack of trying I have yet to get into VRS. XP and DCS are both unrealistically susceptible to it so kudos to Asobo for making it a non-thing.

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did some additional flying in XP with Bell206 and I tried following setups

  • right stick for cyclic
  • left stick for collective
  • left / right triggers (slider axis) for yaw
  • right stick for cyclic
  • left stick for yaw
  • left trigger (slider axis) for collective
  • right stick for cyclic
  • left stick for collective (up-down) / yaw (left-right)

for now I tend to like the last one as the torque changes correlates directly with yaw changes so it is natural to apply both with one finger. at least in XP with Bell206. need to try the Cabri in both sims to make final decision.

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I did all i could to use right stick for cyclic on the XBOX. Without success. The problem is the lack of a mouse. So while either stick can be “cursor”, there is no setting any where to change the default RIGHT stick for scroll up/down and select left/right. The sticks therefore are commited to left as cursor and right as scroll. The problem then becomes, how do you change the view (cockpit camera)? I am so deep into this left cyclic arrangement that I would probably keep it now even if I figured out how to change it.

For everybody struggling with the 407, there’s a mod available here.
Makes it more believeable, as it were :slight_smile:


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I’ve come to grips with it as is. (Can’t easily mod the XB version anyway.) The running-out-of-right-pedal thing is only a problem if allowed to progress past the point of no return. The 83% max torque is s PITA but only really a problem at high DAs.

That mod fixes both those issues.
The mod goes straight into the community folder and can be removed just as easily…

Not on @smokinhole 's XBOX though.

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Aaaaaaaargh… Right!
@smokinhole, disregard last transmission.

I experienced it as well, but later wondered if it wasn’t a normal helicopter behavior though, LTE?

I doubt LTE is modeled yet. And anyway it, like VRS, is very difficult to get into in real life. BUT if you were going to get LTE in a helicopter with a right turning rotor disk, it would be left pedal, not right. So something else is at play. Whatever it is, I haven’t seen it after the first couple of days so I guess my fingers have learned not to let the rotation progress.

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