Quick look at the old classic - F-16 Fighting Falcon from Digital Integration

Yes, the idea was to combine the sims into one battlefield. It was partly implemented as you could fly head-to-head Apaches vs Hinds in shared theatre (Korea).

Tomahawk was also available on PC, IIRC there was just one file - tomahawk.exe that weight around 100kB.

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I’ve got a box with lots of magazines and a ZX Spectrum games book. I also have the old 007 laser pistol!

I use the interface and a Kempston joystick for Tomahawk.

I have a couple of Righteous Orchid Voodoo boards, too, but I can’t get them to work. There used to be a trick to get them to click in, but I can’t remember how to do it. I also have the game I got for free with my voodoo card - MechWarrior 2 3Dfx. I wish I could play that again, I really liked it. Until I can find a way to get the Voodoo cards working, it ain’t gonna happen.
I do have a Voodoo 3 as well, but that’s AGP and MW2 won’t work with it.

(I also have lots of Speccy mags on disk - which you can have a copy of if you like)


My favourite adventure game:


" I use the interface and a Kempston joystick for Tomahawk"

would that be the Kempston joystick interface that if you breath near it, it will move and crash the poor old speccy … and the magazines would be Crash the only one i can really remember … how this for random memory retention … poke23659,0 give you unlimited lives on jet set willy … lol

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Hey Brix if you want to play Mechwarrior 2 I recommend getting the initial version for MS-DOS. The 3dfx versions were numerous, almost every vendor had its own version as there was no unified API at the time. I’ve got that first version running on DOSBox and it works great, way better than back in 1995 on my Pentiom 75MHz :grinning: Software mode supports up to 1024x768 resolution (much higher than any accelerated version) and that flat-shaded graphics has it’s own unique aesthetic only enriched by its awesome redbook CD audio…

Here are some interesting vids about the topic:


Yeah, I just checked my large MS-DOS/Win95 games collection and I have MW2 DOS version - along with the Mercenaries sequel, which I well remember the rave about, in the PC Gaming mags, but was never really convinced enough to try it.

I bought the Ghost Bear add-on to MW2, but it was the 2D version and felt really flat after playing the 3Dfx one.

I had a retro-build PC with all the MechWarrior versions on it, but I recently put it into storage, as I never had time to actually play them and they are not the sort of games you can just jump in and play, without some practise.

I’ll never forget that MW2 intro video - really jaw-dropping for the time.


I got started with Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat, Microprose’s Stealth Fighter 2.0 and Jetfighter (the first one). I graduated into the rest.

The only title I still have from back then is Jane’s USAF.


OK - I will have to look through my storage disks for them. So far I found a ton of type-in programs taken from various magazines. Still have the patience for those? I don’t think I would!

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There were actually two of them - Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Simulator later renamed to Trainer due to legal dispute with Microsoft over their “Flight Simulator”, released in 1987 and Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0 released in 1989.

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btw here’s the new vid:


Turns out I already had the type-in stuff uploaded for storage on Google drive - so here’s a link:

Help yourself - but don’t blame me later… :wink:

Might take a while to dig out the magazines, as I have no idea where I put them.

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Will have to get a good speccy emulator now … :slightly_smiling_face:

The best, for me…


I have a couple if you need one - I’ll check what they are. I bought one from ebay that turned out to be a pirate job (DVD), but it wasn’t much cop - the others I got from Speccy websites.

I prefer to use the original, though.

oh - just found a couple of Atari Emulators and a BBC one on my storage drive :slight_smile:
I take it you guys know of this:

I actually have EF2000…

well downloading that emulator now … and have just seen the list of games there … well there goes any free time that i did have … :grin:


Hey, guess what I installed and was playing with no issues, on my Vista PC today?


but that’s not all… recognise this?

let me give you a clue…

And it doesn’t even end there - I also managed to get this working:

Back in the day, I had the demo of MiG-29 Fulcrum on a cover CD and I used to just fly around the provided islands in it, smiling…

Dig those cool city graphics…


Ha ha, F-16 Multirole Fighter, F-22 Lighting 3 and MIG-29 Fulcrum by Novalogic, have those 3 installed on my Win 7 laptop as well. Works fine here too. And are playable without a joystick - good thing while travelling.


I really wish I had the time to put some decent hours into them, they are really fun.

I keep telling myself I’ll come back to them when I’m too old to cope with modern sims!

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They can be easy to learn, but are hard to master. Some later missions are pretty much impossible, you have to play them several times until you get lucky (each of your missile hits) or you came up with some brilliant strategy.

FWIW Novalogic’s MiG-29, F-16, F-22 Lightning 3, and Armored Fist 3 are available on Steam. I bought all on the cheap during the summer sale.