Quick sanity check on a possible upgrade

@schurem works cancelled tonight if you are around?

Just flew around for 10 mins in the tomcat and the Sabre (using vr controls as I haven’t set up my equipment just yet)

Need to play with settings but I’m getting at least double (maybe a touch more to be honest) frame rates on higher settings. The cockpits look like I’m sitting in there and I cannot believe the difference.

In my heart I was expecting a ‘bit better’ but this is absolutely night and day and I am over the moon.


Yeah we flyin’ tonight mate. I’ll kick it live after dinner, say 1900Z. Gives you time to hook up and sort the HOTAS :wink:


Spot on, i will get the kids to bed and give you a shout. I’ll have to set up my sticks and stuff but won’t take long for dogfightin controls for the Sabre and a couple of others


I will check discord little later if you are still ‘testing new settings’ :wink:
( we used that phrase back then on a days when we were dying a lot in Counter Strike )


Congrats, that’s a sweet deal!

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Nice score!

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the British army have heard about you @Victork2 and are attempting to keep up with you

British Army joined forces with industry to conduct the Army Warfighting Experiment 2021 (AWE 21).

AWE 21 explores ways the Army could train the next generation of soldiers by harnessing the latest technology.

Equipment on display uses futuristic Virtual and Augmented Reality, gaming tools and innovative deployable urban training solutions.


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I’m calling this “reverb forehead”

I may need to buy a softer face surround.
I’ve shot down MiG 15’s by the bucket load tonight. I can tell which way they are moving, tell when they roll, its incredible. My neck is KILLING ME and I feel sick as hell. 5 hours playing has totally wiped me out but I have had a BLAST tonight.

Trapped the tomcat 1st try after not doing it for months. Also ripped the hook off on one particularly hard “arrival” and then boltered 3 times after landing cleanly before realising using f2 what had happened…oops.

I am utterly over the moon. Can’t wait for next fight club. Being able to read airspeed and direction at a glance instead of a guess just changes everything. I couldn’t be happier.

Only thing I’m not keen on is the reverb is definitely not as comfortable as my cv1 but it’s such an improvement in every other way that I think I will just find a face cover that is softer and crack on.

Thanks for all the kind words and all the help, especially @komemiute who even took time out of his work day to help me with what to look for. Super grateful to have such great help and friends.

I should go to bed but the hind is calling…


I found the Reverb G1 needed some support over the head, otherwise like your head imprint is showing, it sort of clamps.

This basically holds the weight over the top, and are probably easy to make (a bit of cloth with some velcro).

EDIT: Also, wanted to say while I remember. If you ever get the earphones cutting out it’s because they become loose and the connection in the headband disconnects - you just need a flat headed screwdriver and tighten then up a bit. I had to do that now and again.


Thats confirmed what I thought. The oculus had the weight totally supported on the strap as you mentioned, that will need some experimenting.
Thanks @fearlessfrog

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Get a small usb fan and keep it pointed at your head in VR. Helps with nausea and overheating

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I also limited myself to an hour at a time until I got the fan. The fan makes it look like a Russian chopper


I’m fine normally but 5 hours was a long session to be fair and I went to bed for about 45 mins then got itchy and went hind crashing so I’ve only got bloody mindedness to blame


Was it this week or next we are supposed to meeet at Sandhill. If this week I apologise. Totaly finger factor by me and too much wine/port tonight - I was cooking

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It was this week but the weather is totally garbage anyway so I hadn’t chased you. I got weathered out today and tomorrow not looking much better. We can always re schedule now I’m working (or not :roll_eyes:) regular nights


Lucky b’stard. You got to play with your shiny new toy. I wanted to weather out, but the boys wanted to get this job done, so shovelling in the rain I went.


Have you read about the escort for bringing Denis home? Probably less then 24 hours notice, but with the full approval of his family. "Rolling Thunder " will lead, then cars.

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It’s a smallish Phillip’s head for the G2. Just did this to mine.

My fan installation.


Thanks @B12 that’s super kind of you mate. It seems stable and running pretty well at the moment but I’ve yet to really stress it out with a big DCS mission or some multiplayer with the boys so once I’ve really given it the beans I may well be after that if you wouldn’t mind. So thanks.
I ran Mig furball mission this morning that @chipwich sent over to scratch my Korea itch thats been happening and even that didn’t really stress it too much as there isn’t much happening on the ground AA wise up high so it ran really OK.