Quick Viper fun (1k fuel to reach max alt to deadstick landing)

Little bored so I tried to create quick little challenge to test your/my stick skills.

Create mission at Creech AFB.
Select slick F-16 (no pylons / weapons). 1k fuel.
What is your time from take off - max altitude - land (on the same field).

Anyone care to test their skills?
Attached mission made in current stable version. Give it a go and post track or max alt reach / time from T/O to Land.
f16to.miz (7.7 KB)

f16to1K_map_Cac.miz (6.8 KB)
This mission is for caucasus map for those that don’t have NTTR.


Here’s my 1st attempt.
T/O 17:00:25
Alt reached 43,700
Land 17:04:29

1kTo43k.trk (1.8 MB)

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It’s been a long standing fantasy of mine to have a Mudspike Air Rally where we all do exactly this kind of thing. Limited fuel to altitude. Dead stick spot landing challenge. Longest range endurance on X amt of fuel…etc…


At which point @Sine_Nomine takes up the challenge and circumnavigates the earth on 2 cubic metres of air… :laughing:


While taking high altitude star fixes…


Ok…I’m in.

What platform are we talking here. Civilian sim or DCS? I could have a think about some challenges we could do.

Here I go with XP and Phantom [1000lbs of fuel, no stores weight despite they are displayed] :slight_smile:

Takeoff and climb went well. I reached 35,050. Then I lost control (guess I lost the hydraulics with the engines) and glided uncontrollably towards the earth.
I need to try the Viper, but I cant fly it as I cant the Phantom :slight_smile:

Creech AFB with gateway scenery

Max alt reached, engines out

Back on earth


Challenge accepted.

I only made it to 35,000
Takeoff to landing - 8 minutes



I don’t think Phantom has equivalent system to F-16 EPU (hydro pressure for ~10-15 min). So when the engines are off and accumulated pressure is lost/bleedover, big and heavy F4 turns into flying brick with all associated control issues.

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Yep, it does.

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I played the assumption game and lost. Ouch.

Should be easy to make. Especially if you use your “star” power. :wink: I would think each “challenge” should be as simple and not time consuming as possible.

Nice. You got to shave off few of those minutes though.

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Is that the Hydrazine [sp?] thing they have, or related to it? I recall when the Viper was still new; we had these hydrazine kits in case something happened to one on the ramp, outside the back door. Looking back it amounted to nothing more that plastic trash bags duct-taped over the windows and vents. Wonder how that would’ve really worked :slight_smile:

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Yep. highly corrosive according to the internet.

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My first attempt:
EDIT - Invalid results - I did not deadstick land!

T/O 17:00:11
Alt reached 44,030
Land 17:03:30

Interestingly, I stalled at 44,030’ before I ran out of gas. At that point I went idle throttle and was showing 100 lbs. in the tank and a fuel flow of 900 lbs./hr. so I actually landed with my engine still running.

Full profile:

17:00:11 - Liftoff
17:00:21 - Accelerate to 380 then 3.9G pull to 86 degrees pitch
60 seconds after liftoff - altitude 38,580’
17:01:32 - Top of climb, idle power
Speedbrakes / gear / 3.0G spiraling descent (probably oversped the gear limits in the thicker air down low)
17:03:30 touchdown

beachav8rf16.trk (216.8 KB)


If you flame out at the top and have to use the hydrazine - do you still get hydraulic power for speedbrakes, gear, and flight controls - or do they operate at a reduced capacity? That might explain why I was able to stay more maneuverable (high-G) during the descent…if I were on the EPU that might have changed the results… :thinking:

Actually - the title of the challenge is “Deadstick Landing”…LOL…so I cheated. Let me run it again…


LOL…so my second attempt I ran the engine at full AB until the engine quit. Made it to 45,660’ but then got in a 60 degree AOA stall and couldn’t recover. :fire: :fire_engine: :parachute:

PS - a lower G pull at the end of the runway gives you more energy during the zoom climb. Going from 4G to 3G made a difference of a couple thousand feet…


Does ejecting count as a deadstick landing…?
Asking for a friend…