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Back by popular occasional demand, let us go forth with the 2023 version of this “there I was, blowing the doors off of Max Verstap…” thread.

The Rolex Daytona 24 Hours is underway, and it looks to be a pretty good race in LMP class with less than a second separating P1 and P2 at 4.5 hours into the race. An attendance record for race day at the Daytona 24, and further interesting because it is the launch of endurance racing season, with a lot of manufacturers returning to Le Mans this year in the LMP class. Daytona has Acura, Cadillac, Porsche, and BMW. I’ve been watching the 24 on the USA network in between the usual Saturday chores.


Speaking of BMW and the new LMDh hypercars, there is a really nice free one for Assetto Corsa out in the wild. Not finding a good version of Daytona for AC, I took it for a drive at Le Mans.

It feels near payware level. By raising the final drive ratio to the max and no other setup tweaks, I was able to get a couple of sub 3:40 laps without too much trouble.

There is a download page link in the video description. I couldn’t get the download to start by clicking on the button on the download page, but copying the link and putting it in a new tab worked. Enjoy.

Live ride along cams:


Nice find - downloading now :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks - and thanks for giving me a target time - always find realistic ones hard to come by :wink:

My experience with that download provider is that you have to click the downloadbutton 2 or 3 times before the download starts. And just close the pop up windows.

Dang it, Now i have to install Assetto Corsa again…

I dont remember Lemans being base game, Got a link for the track?

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I selected “Open in a new tab” from the video info link and it opened and started downloading when I clicked on the relevant button - no pop-ups, no ads or anything :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m using Waterfox browser and have AdBlocker Ultimate installed.

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I’m using this one,

…with this track skin.

But there are others to chose from on I believe that there is a 2022 track skin too.

By the way, late last night while watching the in-car feeds, I ended up downloading Daytona 2017 1.0 from race department and it’s not bad either. Especially at night in heavy mixed classes traffic.

A 1:37.024 practice lap from last night.



For the most part, I use this guy’s mod packs. He matches up the cars and skins pretty well within what’s available with the current RL season and race. Many, but not all, of the cars are payware. But they are usually reasonably priced, and since they don’t often change year to year, usually provide multiple seasons for your investment. The presets are for Content Manager, but I find that they need a little tweaking. For Daytona, I used his 2022 Le Mans mod pack, added the BMW LMDh, and switched tracks. A lot of the WEC and IMSA Weather Tech endurance series cars are crosspollinated, so the class names might not match up exactly, but close enough. It’s becoming more aligned in 2023.

Doing my best bad influencer impersonation, I picked up the RSS Protech P91 (Porsche 919) this morning and it’s up to their usual top shelf standard. Probably wouldn’t be fair to throw it in the mix at Daytona. But good grief, it’s an F1 car in wolf’s clothing.

In fact…


I have downloaded the file from two different sites (they are identical), but I can’t get it to run.

I haven’t tried all the other cars, but a ‘cross section’ of cars that came with the vanilla game, DLC and free all work fine.

Every time I try to start a track with LMDH, it doesn’t finish loading the car and ‘crashes’ back to the ‘Drive’ menu.

Probably related to when I view the car in the showroom, it looks like this:


@Harry_Bumcrack I got the same issue. Cant get it to run but other cars work fine. Not sure what we are missing.

So I took the Audi and Mazda out for some fun

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You’ve got me there HB. The only thing that comes to mind is that since it appears to be graphical and since so many mods require the Custom Shaders Patch, do you have it installed? I’m using v1.77. Also, are you using Content Manager? Those are two must have mods for AC.


BTW, I found this walk through more LMH and LMDh cars for Assetto Corsa. What’s the difference between LMH and LMDh? Name only. LMH, or Le Mans Hypercar is the name for the same spec car running in the WEC, and LMDh, or Le Mans Daytona hybrid is the same car run in IMSA GTP class. They could agree on everything but the name.

The 787B along with the Porsche 962 and Sauber C9 are probably my three favourite cars in AC. That era of LM/Sportscar racing… and Group B rally and the F1 turbo era are my favourites.

OK, not as fast, or perhaps too fast, and not as safe as the current cars, but IMHO it is the peak of motorsport when it still had a ‘sense of adventure and daring’.


No and No.

I will get that sorted - I’m leaning towards custom shaders being the culprit. I’ve never had any issues with not using Content manager and freeware cars and tracks (mostly DL from RaceDepartment) but will install that as well… can’t hurt.

I bet that it’s the Custom Shaders Patch. And Content Manager absolutely transforms how you run and manage AC. It has so many features that it’s taken me years to unpack it all. I basically never use the kludgy original AC interface. Crew Chief is another good one. It’s not a must-have like the other two, but it gives you spotter and crew chief feedback adding a bit of realism to your sims.

Can confirm, at least for me it was the shaders, Make sure you use 1.77 and not the recommended 1.73

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Cool. I have downloaded 1.77 but where do I unzip



Congrats guys. Looking good wz248. @Harry_Bumcrack, there are plenty of Content Manager tutorials on YT, but I’d be happy to jump on Discord over a weekend and walk you through some of the more useful features.

I think that it’s just the extension folder dropped into AC main folder, but TBH, I used Content Manager for the install. Edit: I see a file called dwrite.dll that most likely needs to go into your main AC folder too. So drop the extension folder and the dwrite.dll file in your assettocorsa main folder.

Some tweaking and sheer luck, got a 1:34.609 at Daytona

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Found one :wink:

Launches fine now from both the AC menu and Content Manager - Looks the same in the AC showroom though. Looks great in the custom showroom. I’m gobsmacked at the level of detail with this mod considering it is freeware :astonished: