Radio what?!

Sometimes I think I’m too sensitive but…
Right after the news of a rapist acquitted because the girl was wearing a tanga- yeah WTF, right?!- the radio station aired “Sexual Healing”.

Now… Is it just me to think that’s wrong?

I had to look up what a tanga is…

bad coincidence though imo

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Could be but editors usually have a job…

yup that’s ugly.

Far uglier ■■■■ is happening all over the world tho. Not in the least in Italy, where some really ugly media manipulation and propaganda is being used by the populist government.

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No, ok- but I was just struck by insensitivity on the whole.
Wouldn’t want to start a political debate.

Mudspike’s not the kind of forum I want to pollute with that square-square-square-square.


Right you are.

What is this thing you call “radio”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is it that thing they had in the last century for transmitting sounds through manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum? (Before the invention of internet streaming)…and there are still radio…“stations” I believe they were called…in operation? Wow! How quaint. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously - Bad coincidence most likely. The jury’s decision for that reason is another matter. After teaching many sexual assault briefs (Navy mandated training) I have little tolerance for that kind of thinking.

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So do I.