Rage purchase, its never an easy ride

With my ageing graphics card, meagre 16gig of ram and dcs chucking out a resource intensive map. The Bogusmachine is wobbling under the strain.

So after the joys of viewing the new map, the new rain effects (which are a stroke of utter egenius), my computer chokes on its own 1’s and 0’s and slowly grinds itself into a stupor.

It is with this amazing scenery and subsequent amazing lack of performance after half an hours play that my wallet was heft open. Now 32 gigs of generic but not cheap ram lighter in the back pocket, I think all my woes are now ended.

Fast forward to day of delivery of said ram. Looking forward to a simple installation and happiness, a thought crosses my mind.

I am operating windows 7 home premium…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

For the uninitiated, this operating system is locked to 16 gig of ram…

I really must look into things before i go into impulsive mode.

i hate rage purchases.


Hey don’t despair. I could gladly take some of that off your back…
How about you tell me the type of RAM you bought so I see if it’s compatible…

Then you remind me where you live (PM is ok) then you name your price.
Worse case I gladly take 16GB off your back anyways. :slight_smile:
Life is better than that, turn that frown upside down!

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Thanks very much for the offer @komemiute. But i have just finished installing win 10. so i should be able to use it all now…

Just slapping my forehead as i didn’t think and now mucking about new operating system. I would ideally like a new install of the OS as well to clear out the bloatware and ensure everything is ok. But i will get back to that later.

Silly bogus


Not to make the rage more real but I think that installing Windows 7 64-bit would have solved your problem.

-runs away-

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Just know that if you ever regret Windows 10 ( hur hur hurr, of course you WILL!) I’ll gladly help you with some of that RAM. :grin:

Unless you’ve got Win7 Pro, you’re limited by the OS to 16GB usable RAM. I’m running into the same problem and will also be upgrading to Win10 tonight :grumble:


win10 isn’t that bad now imo

@Fridge, @Navynuke99 is correct. Win 7 64 bit home premium only lets you have 16gig. I could have upgraded to win 7 professional which lets you have 32 gig of ram. But it was cheaper and smarter to go for windows 10 as the win 7 OS’s are getting dated.

@Navynuke99 PM sent about upgrading OS. It may surprise you to know. But all working now. No problems with ram, or operating system and DCS runs fine now.


Awesome. My quest for 32gb will inevitably require a new motherboard, which means a new CPU, which means a new GPU, which means a new TV.

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It’s a slippery slope is it not?

I also just read recently about price-fixing from the big 3 RAM manufacturers that seems to be the reason prices are so high (again). I’m curious to see how that plays out, as apparently a few countries have started filing anti-trust suits.


yeah definitely got stung on the ram. the prices are crazy and I got it as cheaply as I could too !

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Well frankly I’m glad you started this thread @Bogusheadbox. I’ve been thinking of upgrading my RAM but was unsure yet if my old system could handle it. From what I’m reading here from those gifted coders among us, I should be fine if I decide to purchase extra RAM and bring it up to 32gig. I’m going to be purchasing a new computer in about a year and a half and don’t yet want to get rid of this one quite yet since it works well.

My current, old system is:

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 800MHz
ASUSTeK Computer INC. Maximus IV Extreme

Still haven’t decided though but sounds like maybe I might have to upgrade RAM with this new map.

I am convinced it depends on your graphics card ram as well. Trialling DCS today runs on my un-optimised upgraded windows, ram sits between 17 and 22 gig. Tested on caucuses and Persian gulf.

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Yeah, that is what I"m aware of as well in terms of the graphics card. I’m currently running a GeForce GTX 970 with 4GB of RAM and really do not anticipate upgrading this graphics card. Only thinking of motherboard RAM. I guess time will tell and maybe I’ll just pull the trigger on a new system earlier than planned. We’ll see.

When I’m on a server, I usually see all 8gb used in the GPU (1070), and ram goes up to about 12-14gb.

Offline uses significantly less resources.

I think your card is better than mine or at least on par. The jump to 32 gigs is a huge difference. Obviously the fps from the card won’t change, but stutters have gone or dramatically reduced.

Down low on caucuses over the trees is better as well. So if you are happy with your fps, then the upgraded ram would be a good holdover for a while.

Fps wise, persian gulf is no worse for me than caucuses. Its just the ram usage that killed me.