Rainbow 6 Siege

So I fired up rainbow six after a break of over a year, and have found they have went a strange route with all the new operators and weapons/gadgets. I preordered R6 when it first came out, played it for a while and loved it. FBI, GIGN, Spetz, etc, the operators were great. SLIGHTLY gimmicky gadgets, but nothing too crazy or out of the realm of possibility.

Fast forward to now, and there is chicks with pink Mohawks running around, a cell phone hacker, crazy outfits and camo, etc. Looks more like overwatch than an intense tactical shooter.

Let me be clear, I don’t have a problem with girls being operators, just seems like the game has gone over the top in terms of new characters and gadgets. Kind of miss the vanilla game.

With all that being said, the game is still a great game and an awesome shooter. The only complaint I have with the gun play is the fact that there is no scope offset. In other words, the bullets seem to fly out of the sight reticle and not the barrell. You can peek an optic around/over an object and fire, despite the barrel being rammed into the table or wall.

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agree with you… but not just with R6 Siege… also every Ubisoft game they make now-a-days… clown costumes and funky gear for all types in every game they make. R6 Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor… even games like Steep… it’s all for the money. And of course not just Ubisoft… look at the new Call of Duty, my god that has to be the worst… these games are no longer military themed tactical shooters, they are now clown themed arcade shooters. And it is ■■■■■■■ me off, and pushing me away from gaming more and more every day. JMO.

(thx for letting me vent in your thread, lol… thou nothing is going to change.)

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Could that be the Fortnite effect?


I think it definitely is. Realistic shooters like insurgency and squad just don’t do the numbers that the arcade type games do.

It’s the CoD effect if we are going to attribute it correctly. Right now there is conference room of people discussing how to monetize new items in [insert tactical shooter here]
So that isn’t going to change soon or ever. The kids want their hats and they have money. Just play with a group of similar minded players and leave out the stuff you don’t like. If you have test yourself online then get used to shooting at Cat in the Hat dude.

So this stuff bothers you but you are ok with an entire reinforced metal wall in your pocket?


Like I said SLIGHTLY gimmicky. I mean you are defending a “biohazard” container, without any NBC gear on. Or rappelling up a wall infinitely. Or defusing a bomb with a briefcase. Or driving a camera on wheels. Or assaulting a massive compound with 5 dudes and no cordon. I get it. You have to fudge some things for the sake of gameplay.

Otherwise getting shot in the foot one time would put you out of action. I don’t know if you guys have been shot before, but I’ve never seen anyone take rounds and just keep running.

I just thought the early version of the game was a good balance between realism and fun.

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Also interested in checking out insurgency sandstorm.

Some of the gadget stuff is decently close to real, or at least could be.

Others are really far out there in sci-fi.

Siege design and gameplay would seem to very closely revolve around getting the desired types of play in their R6 eSports PvP Leagues. UBI’s new roadmap just arrived to me today, and reading it they are again also making gameplay and balance adjustments based on pick-rate and win-ratio on a per-operator basis. Trying to prevent a few Operators from becoming a static meta.

And of course, the largest aspect is that new Operators are an ongoing source of income. The only meaningful way many of these Operators are new and different, is largely down to their gadget. This really doesn’t leave much room for sticking to realism, particularly when UBI plan to eventually have a roster of 100 Operators!

Just my opinion… The best play I’ve had in Siege is Cooperative teams versus higher difficulty bots in Terrorist Hunt mode. How well the players in the team work together, and care about a more realistic play, is key. Yes, this mode is totally winnable as a 5 man Rambo, and IMO could do more to encourage team oriented play. The higher difficulty bots do help a bit (but I can still completed THunt rounds solo on Realistic settings). A team playing as the Recruit (who has no gadgets at all) goes a good bit toward realism, too.

Even with it’s faults, I still find THunt mode preferable to PvP, which really seems to boil down to who has the lowest latency on clicking a headshot while crawl-peeking or peeping through a few tiny holes to score kills through a wall. This is it’s own type of gameplay, and has it’s own skill set, but at
my lower skill level, it kinda feels like a drag race.

I’m a late player of Siege, only about 12 to 15 months now. Not sure how it’s changed since the early release.


I don’t mind them including them… but why can’t we have a tactical mode or something like that… I would love to play both Siege and PvP Wildlands without all the toys, just a bare down guns and grenades mode. jmo

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Actually I just had to check… Since the last major patch, I’ve not seen any Recruit Operators in our games. Recruits of course have no sci-fi gadgets, just iron sight weapons and grenades/wire/stuff.

From what I’ve read, the Recruit is still in R6. All they did was change the game so that players who are AFK during Operator selection don’t get Recruit by default.

You can still choose this role manually, though.

Yes, now it’s random if you’re AFK.

The problem is these are corporations. And for some reason, someone told investors and shareholders they are entitled to ever-increasing profits. So buying a game for $50 and letting it be doesn’t work anymore, they aren’t happy with 5%. I still don’t understand where all the money goes, how a game as simple as a CoD or BF can cost hundreds of millions to make when the gameplay is pretty much cut and paste from 15 years ago but it just looks prettier.

So, to make a game where you can drive customers to keep paying you have 2 options now–one, MMO. Those are largely dropping their monthly $$ for free to play, interestingly. Instead they are doing the same thing as the single-purchase games and using option 2.

Two–microtransactions. This can cover the gamut from full expansions all the way down to skins, weapons, maps, perks, whatever. To keep from fragmenting the community or making a game pay to win (which will kill your sales now), you’re left with selling things that won’t affect gameplay.

What can you do? Operators that are different but not better or worse is one way, but hard to balance. Hence the non-stop respeccing of these avatars year after year. The other is aesthetic changes.

Of course, making your character wear things that make you stand out MORE seems a poor choice, and an aid to your opponents (except AI who don’t care), but after you put a couple of hundred hours into a game…

How many people here will say they’ve never used a different skin for an airplane or car in a sim? Or ever used a fantasy one that never existed? Same idea, different genre.

well there’s a big difference between selecting a paint scheme for my race car and wearing my pink bunny outfit for a tactical shooter, or the shiny gold weapon with the marijuana leaf’s kids love so much on there weapons. :wink:

But I get your point.

Nothing ticks the n00b kiddies off like m4$$ pwn4g3 while in your pink bunny costume and using an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200 shot range model air rifle.

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I actually like the idea of keeping the base game, but charging for add ons (ala DCS), rather than making a new R6 every year. I got the 1st season pass when i pre ordered way back when, and unlocked several other operators the old fashioned grinding way. Plus it keeps the available player base larger, especially when the maps are free.

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That’s the answer to your question - the art direction, graphic design, and production quality of AAA games is unbelievable. It’s just wrapped around the same 15-minute time constant game loop from 10 years ago.

Go picture Squad or Ground Branch if they could drop the same cash on visual design, UI, or QA as a Battlefield game. Tell me you’re not drooling.


I know I’m out of my field here, but somehow I happen to have this heavy nostalgia for the first release of Team Fortress 2.
No hats, no funny items, no nothing.
Just the characters and their two or three weapons.
It was a game easy to read… And so very fun to play.

Now it’s just mad gear all over the place, like a soup that was improved too many times by too many cooks.
Many great cooks, I’m sure, but now there’s so much stuff in it that’s simply impossible to enjoy.

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I don’t have much to add because I really only care whether the game is fun, but I do find it interesting you take some issue with the uniforms and such in r6… Frankly I find them all so samey samey (within each operator) that there’s next to no point buying new ones. I mean some of them are different, but by and large you never see them except on the victory screen.

And they’re all bland.

It’s some year they went this route!
Cliff of dover had big development problwms, but It was Ubisoft who forced to publish the game in super early alpha… ruining it completely!

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RIP R6…even though it died long before R6 Siege, this abomination is a kick in the balls though!