Random Aircraft Quiz Bot WIP


Honestly have no idea reaches for book behind him


@Cygon_Parrot has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[Lioré et Olivier LeO 25](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lior%C3%A9%20et%20Olivier%20LeO%2025)


Albatros (earlier). Think it is a D II, as it is non sesquiplane. Richtofen and Boelcke flew it, I believe.

And before that, yeah, T-41D. Didn’t need to look twice. 210 hp Continental IO360, and the last really fun aircraft I ever flew, more than a decade ago now. Couple of thousand hours, instructing in them, memorable. Nearly brought tears to my eyes :sob:. thanks bot…

Now, my own has got me. It might be a Caproni something. Don’t know. Looks sort of like the things the Nationalists used during the Spanish Civil War.


I think that is a French design from WWI.
Beats me, I am bad with those. Maybe a Loire?

EDIT: Wow, I was really far off it seems. :smiley:
Especially since the company I mentioned didn’T even build planes in WWI…


The randomaircraft bot is really hard. I was useless at the hand-picked ones, but the full wikipedia collection of 250,000 types/makes is reducing my chances even further…


I removed the name of the image file if you hover over. It’s not foolproof, but better than nothing for just scrolling through a thread. If you hold the mouse over an image for long enough there will be a tooltip that gives the title, so keep that pointer moving! :wink:


Just for the record it still shows up on mobile, just an observation not a complaint. This is a really cool bit of script!


It’s ok to complain as well though :slight_smile:

How do you mouse hover on mobile? :wink:

The change to display styles was just the bit where in a topic if you move the mouse pointer over an image then it now only shows the file size and resolution - before it used to show the filename as well. When you click on the image to make it bigger I didn’t change that, as that’s arguably useful and I didn’t want to make that worse just for this bot.


Atleast on iPhones when scrolling if your finger touches the picture on the way by it displays the whole picture name.


Oops, I forgot to do it for touch events, but should be good now. Cheers.


Oh cool it is! Love it!


@EinsteinEP has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[Caproni Ca.133](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caproni%20Ca.133)


How the heck with 250k choices did you get a repeat lol


Yeah, I was wondering the same. :slight_smile:

Looking at it, I think one problem is that wikipedia API is only return 500 links per page, so that something like the page here:

.is actually pages (of 500) and pages, but the code is just grabbing the first one.

Given that once with a link it just then goes to look for a main image, I wonder if the selection pool is being hurt where a certain first letter is picked and then because the first 450 don’t have images (perhaps the same manufacturer, so just a huge list of Acme I, Acme II, Acme XXIV but all without images. That would then only leave Ad.+ as a selection (of say 50) to go grab from, from that first 500.

I’ll look to update tonight, or at least run a stats distribution just to see if the way I pick at random has a deterministic seed or something.


@fearlessfrog has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[CANT Z.515](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CANT%20Z.515)


@fearlessfrog has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[Ilyushin Il-112](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilyushin%20Il-112)


@Bogusheadbox has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)What did you expect Mr B?


Holy mother of rabid roos batman. Who the hell am i gonna kiss for this. !!!


@near_blind has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[Yakovlev AIR-1](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakovlev%20AIR-1)


I’m going to go with broken image link for 500!