Random Aircraft Quiz Bot WIP

Played around with this tonight rather than watch the truly awful (not my pick) Jupiter Ascending thing on Netflix. Channing Tatum was a dog, apparently.

Here’s the last three the prototype bot picked. Are they too hard? It uses Wikipedia ‘all aircraft’ so it should be either very easy or very hard, or even in-between. If these look ok then I’ll continue fiddling with it.

I am imaging something like


…typed in a new post would ‘roll the dice’ and produce something like this below:

Some results of the random picks so far (just last 3 I tried):

Answer in here (no peeking!)

Xian H-6

Answer in here (no peeking!)

Caproni Ca.133

Answer in here (no peeking!)

M-Squared Breese


A couple more, without formatting (copy entire link to see article):

Nakajima - Wikipedia Army Type 91 Fighter

Armstrong - Wikipedia Whitworth Aircraft

RWD - Wikipedia 4

Hmm, middle one broke. I think it’s probably got at least a 1 in 10 of not working due to how the data is in wikipedia. I think it’ll be easier if people just deleted ‘bad rolls’, as otherwise it ramps up the complexity, i.e. use a 2nd source to verify or something.


Looks great! I was worrying it might be easier with a random bot than with people picking obscure aircraft…
But I still have no idea, so I think it’s got the right difficulty level

FYI, the names of the aircraft show up in some of the image names.

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I like this, this is awesome.

Really great!

How about using those online lists for aircraft names and types, and then attemping to retrieve the corresponding image from wikipedia? Then you start of with a functional name.

EDIT: Holy crap, not sure how you made the bot, but perhaps start from here?

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They’ll always be a way to cheat. If you are looking at image file names, then you’re on the slope to doing ‘image search’ anyway. :slight_smile:

I thought about obfuscating them and all sorts of indirection, but at the end of the day the answer is in the post anyway, so it’s honor system time.

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It actually does use that list. It takes the 0-A - Z sub list categories list from wikipedia, randomizes it, then goes look per choice to see if the article has an image and if it does then chooses it but if not then back to the random pool. I’m limited by about 5000 articles per query, so the pool is only about 140,000 aircraft but think I might have a way around that. All the images are wikipedia commons.

This was sort of an excuse to play with the wikipedia API too,


It’s horrible to work with, I don’t like ruby as a language (what the forum plugin uses) and about 30% of the aircraft description articles seems pretty bad in terms of quality, but apart from that, still more fun than Jupiter Ascending. :slight_smile:


I want the next DCS module to be the [randomaircraft]

Let me manually trigger it now. No go backs. Ready?

EDIT: Ta Da!

peek here[Kawasaki Ki-60](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawasaki%20Ki-60)

EDIT2: Looks like a big seller, I’m sure @wagmatt is going to love this :slight_smile:

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@EinsteinEP - the image hover name bit is annoying, you’re right. It happens when the forum grabs a local copy to stop link rot. Hmm, I might be able to tweak styles to stop the hover title bit, but not sure…

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Ok, experimentally, sort of, live. Typing randomaircraft (surrounded by square brackets) into a new post invokes the bot. It’s not quite done, so if it generates something bad, just delete the post.

@fearlessfrog has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[Cessna T-41 Mescalero](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cessna%20T-41%20Mescalero)

Cessna T-41

Correct! You may now peek. :slight_smile:

You try one, to see if it works.

@Andrew116 has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[LFG Roland D.VII](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LFG%20Roland%20D.VII)

Edit: uh oh… I’m gonna have some fun with this lol

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It can happen. Try the macro in a new post by itself.

Edit: cool, you got it.

Fokker something? (am I even close? I am bad at this lol)

Honestly have no idea reaches for book behind him

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