Random Civilian Flight Sim Pics

I take a lot of screenshots. Here are someone of what I think are the better ones. These pics are from FSX or X-plane.


Various FSX shots. Default FSX with REX Essentials

A few X Plane shots.

These are from a flight I did from KSFO to KATL. Was a beautiful morning!! And as you can see in the one shot rain in KATL as always!

And three random shots in a E-170


Really like this one - good stuff!

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Some more shots.

FSX night flight in a 737. Not sure where but that landing had a bit of crosswind.

Some X plane shots. Most from around the world. Just did a world tour. KATL-PHNL-RJAA-OMDB-EHAM-KATL

One of the shots is from a random flight into Cairo. You should be able to figure that one out.

These first three are the EADT freeware 737. Pretty good plane for free.

And randoms. 777 and A350

Some shots from a flight from KMSP to KSAV in the EADT X737

Some random shots.


And my new desktop background

Some new X plane shots. My new C208 and my new MD80

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A few more of the C208