Random thoughts

We all have these random thoughts, and after watching the empire strikes back (the best of all Star Wars films) I came up with the following

The Empire had crap tactical awareness…
Vader killed an admiral for coming out of hyperspace too close to the planet, thus negating their “surprise attack”

They then land enormous, loud, slow infantry transports miles (exactly how this would have been a surprise is beyond me) from the rebel base, and have them travel slowly over open ground… and there only seems to be about 4 or 5 of them… and to top it all they have no air cover

Then on the rebel side
They attacked the walkers head on, the only place that the walker has any firepower … and why didn’t they use their x-wings to attack the at-at’s couple of photon torpedoes and they would be toast. Finally why did they only fire the ion cannon when they launched the ships … it should have been blasting the whole time.

But it’s still the best of all the films :grinning::grinning:


Answer: because it’s a kid’s movie and hollywood can’t do tactics for shite. See the recent Napoleon flick.


You’re right …, sacrifice accuracy for story and glitz


star wars lack of faith GIF


Because Lucas was making it up as he went…


But yeah, still the best movie.


You know- I have been having dicussions like this with my son.

He watches me play Strategy and tactical games and sometimes he asks me about some of my choices and it evolves in a talk about a more generic “how to achieve a result when facing opposition”.

He then spontaneously analizes movies and cartoons and comics and asks me exactly the same questions you just asked yourself @tempusmurphy

Usually we come up with the same answer “It’s a movie” :smiley:


I LOVE this game! My daughter and I have been playing it for years. The original Star Wars trilogy is every bit as stupid as the prequels/sequels when analyzed by an impartial reviewer. But they are so much a part of my early psyche development that I can find no fault with them. I guess what I am saying is “Funny, the damage doesn’t looks so bad from out here!”


The other classic thing with the Empire is lax attitude towards worker health and safety … there are massive drops all over their buildings with no guard rails, a good example of this is the tractor beam controls… and as for being a Death Star main weapon technician … imagine having a energy beam that destroys planets firing just behind you :grinning::grinning:


Shirley the limitations of what you could do with effects must have been in there somewhere.


I agree. Star Wars is good stupid fun.

I recently (as in the past six months) re-watched the sequel trilogy, Ep VII- IX, and I didn’t hate them as much as when I first watched them purely because I lowered my expectations, ignored the lazy writing and let them just ‘wash over’ me.

Which is probably why I didn’t realise first time around, due to the gnashing of teeth, that General Hux is played by one of the Weasly twins from Harry Potter…