Rate my rig, under a B17 :)


just new on forum, here is my humble cockpit, under a real B17 in Ferte Alais museum near Paris, France!

Hope you like :slight_smile:


Oaaaah c’est super!


I don’t think it is too good so tell ya what ship it to me for further Review :wink:

Looks awesome …


Oooh, that looks like fun, expensive but fun :wink:

More details please. Hardware? Software? What sims are you running? Why/How did you get to set it up in a museum?

And welcome to Mudspike.

thanks all

It’s my own creation, from almost blank page

I was there for a meeting, it was a huge success, almost 50ppl tried the rig (simmers, real PPL, spitfire pilots …)

It works with almost all simulators, FS2020, DCS, BMS and race game

More informations on motionxp on web


Too cool! Any pictures of the HOTAS setup?

How involved (dumb it down for me please) is setting up motion compensation for VR headsets?


What do you want to see @warpig ?

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What don’t I want to see, haha! I see now that the HOTAS are there, just obscured from that angle. Looks like you have some type of blower fans aimed at the Pilot, is that correct? Are they hooked into the sim somehow?

How does motion compensation work for VR? Is it easy to implement, or much tweaking?

That looks amazing Dureiken. Flying a Spit or Viper must be a thrill on that rig in VR.

yes it is :slight_smile:

Motion Compensation is a bit hard to tweak first time, but for my platform I offer all files, so its easy :wink: there is tutorial video on my YT channel about that !