I disagree. LHA and the other ships mean being able to simulate amphibious landings, and I seem to remember there being a Cobra in the future (they also operate from the gators), so this opens a lot more options for game play, aside from just being a new place to land. Plus, when’s the last time we got any new ship models? Gotta start somewhere.

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I think as of today the current status of what you get in early access for the $50 price is:

  • A wee hover jet, but not all weapon systems etc ready on EA release day.

  • A training campaign set in the Caucasus. I thought I read a thread at ED mentioning a full paid campaign is later.

  • The USS Tarawa LHA gator. (maybe everyone might get this in base DCS World, don’t know, TBD I guess but it is included in the Harrier). As a nice guy, I would be fine with everyone getting it even if they don’t buy the Harrier.

  • An updated C-130 and KC-135 for lady parts refueling rather than probe (maybe everyone might get this in base DCS World, don’t know but seems likely).

I think that’s it anyway.

As for the price, dunno. Meh I guess. The gas in my car went up to $87 a tank last week here in BC, Canada. I am waiting for the oil company to acquiesce to my demands otherwise I will yet again refuse to drive to Starbucks today and have to fill up. They haven’t responded as of lunchtime today, but I remain hopeful my protest will succeed.

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Now they have announced the mk77 fire bomb on the f18 … Will it be usable on the av8 and the f4 ? :thinking:


Those were times…

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At the moment the microstutter in my Rift in both 1.5.7 and 2.1 is so bad, I won’t be flying the Harrier for some time (well, until it’s fixed, anyway). It’s impossible to read instruments unless my head is completely still, and trying to land a helicopter in ‘unusual’ places - i.e. not a plain, grey pan - is also impossible. ASW on or off, makes no difference.

Recorded a video - in 2D it looks like not much is wrong, have to watch it in 3D and see.

DOSBox Nostalgia Thread
DOSBox Nostalgia Thread

Where the training will take place is still open to debate - campaign will be payware DLC for definite - not sure about the training.

In any case, like the Mirage, the training will be the basics and the campaign will introduce combat ops “learning on the job”.

I don’t like the DLC approach and I think this will be my last Razbam purchase. In fact, as it stands, I’m regretting buying it already - but my bonus just dropped from $75+ to $3 as it reached the time limit, so I paid up front to get the discount.


Eh, Familiarity training is something to be done with a jet in a blank mission, the manual on a second monitor, some buddies on teamspeak and a few beers at hand. I haven’t completed a training mission since the A-10C came out.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever finished a campaign in DCS, FC, or LOMAC.

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I have only finished the Georgian Oil War Campaigns by Wags for the Ka50. I also finished a couple of other static stories for the Gazelle and Mi8. I won’t do any more. Trying to thread the tangle of trigger zones put in place by the designer to make a convoluted story work entails grind, frustration and precious little joy. I’d rather roll my own for free. GOW was something different entirely. What made it so great was a high level of refinement and a low level of sophistication. So, yeah, I’m with @near_blind on this one. Give me the machine and the environment and I will have all I need. When I want to get out of my sand box I will go online to find the closest thing to a dynamic campaign available. That’s my DCS workflow in a nutshell.

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You mean Belsimteks’ F-4E? That has wings that swing up at the tips, goes like hot stink, carries a ton of bombs and if needs be a pave tack :smiley: Didnt pave tack on the 'vark occupy the bomb bay?

(just done bought me the harrier too. cant wait to start pranging the kite over and over and over again)

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We will have to try to arrange a launch night (crash) flight session

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As for the campaigns:
I never finished any campaign in DCS. The only one I played more than 4 or 5 missions in is the U.N. campaign for the UH1 and even that one made me angry because SO often you have to replay hours of missions because something glitched or you are just outside some trigger zone and the mission halts, or a mission is dependent on some AI that just crashes for no reason at all and you fail the mission. Other campaigns I stopped playing because they were just too unrealistic. When playing with real life procedures makes you fail missions that sucks.
So no campaign with the Harrier? I couldn’t care less.


Well, I like to get the job done :wink:

Some good tips from this chap:

What I’m not keen on with the Harrier - sorry, the Night Attack, as many people who don’t know better may end up thinking it’s called, and with good reason (/sarcasm), is the textures and the sounds.

I worked alongside Harriers for 6 years and part of the overall package is the distinctive sounds they make - and all the vids I’ve watched are very lacking in that department. As for the textures, to me it looks like a plane in a game, unlike most of the other modules, which actually look pretty convincing.

I know, pre-release blah blah - one would think this sort of fundamental thing would be pretty much sorted now.

Come on, @near_blind, tell me how wrong I am :stuck_out_tongue: Seems to be a hobby of yours.

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Would that be right into the how’s your father, or is that catching your can in the Bertie?


I’m with you on the sounds. Supposedly the sounds being used in these videos are just the default sounds and the final product will be more accurate.

Military Sounds Studio is the guys who are supposedly developing the sounds, but there has not been any videos released with these sounds.

I don’t understand why they would be so tight about showing everything except how it sounds.


That would entirely depend on your nozzle position in the spot just before the spat where you go splat.


Interesting find on youtube