2 hours livestream gameplay of the harrier



Here’s my take on the Harrier although I might mixed up the games :wink:

0:00 - STO
2:20 - approach and VL
4:35 - John Farley style VTO
5:35 - high speed pass and break using VIFF
7:20 - 2nd approach and VL
9:45 - replay from external camera view


Dunno, combining “Extreme Flaming” does actually remind me of Eagle Dynamics forums…


Expecially the Italian one :grin::grin:



If they’d picked Hot Rocks then Mick, Richard, and the rest of the gang would’ve sued them for using their term. :wink:


Devildog Gamer has posted his video review:


i noticed the water injection. He had it on for take off and you could see the reservoir reducing. But for landing, he switched it on again, but the reservoir didn’t go down.

Does it only inject at high power settings?


SEAD capabilities, interesting.


Short range sead… scary. :wink:


More of a “keep your head down while I get close enough to drop a couple of CBU’s on you” :wink: .



I don’t want to touch on the (entirely overblown) argument about price, but KC-135 drogue attachment confirmed? This bodes well for just about every new aircraft sans the F-4.


There were - 135’s in Southeast Asia with drogues instead of booms, and I’m pretty sure the Air Force used them with their Phantoms.


Funny pods under the wing… oh look f-111’s


There are two possible options. One is a pair of pods under the wings that have an acronym I can’t remember. The other is the dreaded “Iron Maiden”, which is an attachment that goes over the boom. You could theoretically mount both systems at once, but the KC-135 isn’t big enough to refuel three aircraft simultaneously without some bumping and grinding.


I don’t often agree with ED pricing, but Wags has a point here. They’ve been charging $30 for ww2 units, and $15 for a GPS. I think $49 for a harrier AND an LHA is reasonable. Besides, they have 40 and 50 percent off sales all the time. Harrier pre order is the only module I’ve ever paid full price for.


I have no trouble with $50 for the Harrier if it has a full campaign attached.

While the LHA is nice, it’s not a Nimitz–only helos can be operated from it besides the Harrier (assuming we will never see a 35B). So while it’s a great target for Su-33s, without buying the Harrier the LHA would be of little use.
On the flip side, a Harrier without an LHA or similar appropriate carrier is only half the story.

We have the Kuz for the 33. Hornet needs a Nimitz. Harrier needs its own. Otherwise it’s seriously constrained.

PS just looked at the site again. While it’s consistent in saying the price is $50 now, it variably lists $60 and $70 as release prices, depending on the page.



There was apparently a miscommunication. The official prices are $50 for early access, $70 for the final product.


I disagree. LHA and the other ships mean being able to simulate amphibious landings, and I seem to remember there being a Cobra in the future (they also operate from the gators), so this opens a lot more options for game play, aside from just being a new place to land. Plus, when’s the last time we got any new ship models? Gotta start somewhere.


I think as of today the current status of what you get in early access for the $50 price is:

  • A wee hover jet, but not all weapon systems etc ready on EA release day.

  • A training campaign set in the Caucasus. I thought I read a thread at ED mentioning a full paid campaign is later.

  • The USS Tarawa LHA gator. (maybe everyone might get this in base DCS World, don’t know, TBD I guess but it is included in the Harrier). As a nice guy, I would be fine with everyone getting it even if they don’t buy the Harrier.

  • An updated C-130 and KC-135 for lady parts refueling rather than probe (maybe everyone might get this in base DCS World, don’t know but seems likely).

I think that’s it anyway.

As for the price, dunno. Meh I guess. The gas in my car went up to $87 a tank last week here in BC, Canada. I am waiting for the oil company to acquiesce to my demands otherwise I will yet again refuse to drive to Starbucks today and have to fill up. They haven’t responded as of lunchtime today, but I remain hopeful my protest will succeed.