It’s kinda weird, one would expect the HUD to be just incorporated into a projector system that has a composite image for the pilot. Much like a HMS. It would solve this whole problem, albeit at a higher cost.

I really think there is no technical barrier to solving this right now(or 20 years ago for that matter).


I suppose I don’t understand. The NVGs are something of a projector. They just don’t operate on the FLIR wavelengths.

And HMDs are still pretty new technology. You can certainly have made a projector helmet in the '90s. But it certainly wouldn’t have been very fun to fly in. Even the earlier NVGs made for a heavy helmet and it was advised to remove them before you ejected, due to the weight.

Much like VR. The concept is simple. The execution, well not so much. :slight_smile:


Not completely sure, so don’t take it as gospel, but

this will most probably make the AV-8 release, but is just a teaser (Look mum I do listen) ps I have a set of plans for USS Guam


If you aren’t sure what the Guam is, it’s a member of the Iwo Jima class LPH (Landing Platform Helicopter). Something along the lines of a jeep carrier specifically built to carry troops, their helicopters, and deliver them to the shore. These are the oldest class of US Amphibious “carriers”, and don’t have a well deck. They were initially commissioned in the early 60s, and were pleasantly long lived with most surviving into the 90s in some form or another.

Gators for the Gator God, Phibs for the Phib Throne.


The Iwo Jima is infamous in engineering circles because of the catastrophic steam line rupture casualty the ship suffered in 1990 that killed ten of her crew. I still shudder just thinking about it.


Well that’s horrifying.


Wow, Wasp and Iwo Jima class. They really want to flesh out things!

I think especially the Iwo Jima LPH opens up some interesting options. In case of a global war, the Navy could have put some Harriers on some of its less capable amphibious ships (LPHs) in order to create Sea Control Ships. These would then have provided some air power in low priority areas around the world where the Navy would not have had a full CV to spare. The Strait of Hormuz map would actually be a prime area for this. Contrary to popular belief, the Persian Gulf was not regarded as very important in a global war between the USSR and the USA. The Navy might not have dedicated even one CVBG to the area. In such case, an Iwo Jima Harrier-carrier could have been used to provide convoy escort or cover anti-mine operations in the strait.


FYI, I think that the Wordpress web servers are attempting to distribute malware. When I go to the timmothycummings link I get a popup that my iPhone is infected. Some of my customers reported the same thing yesterday.


When is wordpress not distributing malware? :slight_smile:


When it is crashing again for no reason.



What do you think @Deacon211?


Hard to say honestly,

Of course, it looks pretty. But he got out of the chocks without bringing up an engine page, running any of the BITs, aligning anything, etc.

So, the systems could be anything from highly accurate to not accurate at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m very happy to see that he fixed the nose (or the NAVFLIR, which seemed to be a little far forward previously).

The only other two things I noticed:

  1. The sound. Harriers have that High Bypass Turbofan whine. Much like an A-10, the sound is somewhere between a test signal and a coffee grinder as I think someone mentioned above. You really need that sound to feel at home in the Harrier.

  2. Can’t be sure, but the flaps don’t quite look correct. The VSTOL mode is selected according to the message line, which should set a minimum of 25 degrees. Those look a little less than 25.

Of course, I’m away from home and watching on an iPad, so I’m not getting the best view.

It does look like it’s coming along though. If RAZBAM is dedicated to getting it right, they are certainly off to a good start. :+1:


I think I remember Zeus (the Razbam guy) saying they had placeholder sounds in right now. It was made clear that the signature engine whine would make it into the module. If they get something as obvious and distinctly “harrier” like that wrong, I wont be buying it.


Considering that (no offense to ED) the M2000 had some of the best sound design I had ever heard in DCS I’m pretty confident they will get it right lol


Deacon how does this one sound?


Hey Gunny,

That’s from the FSX version I take it. The sound is good but perhaps out of synch? The external idle sound is clearly taken from an actual Harrier. The internal sound is decent to start. The engine spool up sounds very good, but it sounds a bit low idle…that whine is always there.

When he does the VTO, the sounds continue to sound like he is at taxi power even though he should be at or very near mil. At 5:00 or so he accels out and that spool up sounds very realistic but should have been at takeoff. As he’s flying around it seems again that he should be a little higher on the power and that grinding sound should always be behind the roar, throatier during RPM change, but always there.

So overall, good pieces of sound, just not necessarily all in the right place. :slightly_smiling_face:


On another note, please tell me how much you want to know. The chance of any sim aircraft being EXACTLY like the real thing is very small, even in the sims at Yuma and Cherry Point.

I understand that the AV-8 is a work in progress. I think that RAZBAM looks to be off to a good start. At this point, there are still many systems things that I hope will be corrected (the solid bomb fall line in CCIP which should be segmented as just a random example).

But I don’t want to comment about a house not having walls when the builder isn’t finished yet.

And if I said nothing about some of the more esoteric issues, like being able to select multiples of bombs with no interval (which I suspect will be addressed), I’m not sure many people would notice…unless I act like a fun sponge and point it out. :wink:






These all sound pretty good. They all, the Nalls one in particular, likely have a little air noise from the ECS which isn’t that noticeable IRL.



If you were a Harrier pilot, I highly suggest contacting Zeus and letting him know what needs to be changed. I was never a pilot, but did some time with the BLT on a MEU and had some limited experience with them doing CAS in training. The sound is very distinct and impressive.


From the outside looking in, when recreating these modern aircraft it seems like if the goal is for as realistic as practically possible, it would be darn near impossible to accomplish without some sort of committed SME. Someone who is knowledgeable with both theory and practice of how it is “supposed to work”. Seems like so many caveats that may not be covered in a manual.

Edit: I Honestly have no idea what Razbam has for info resources. I have enjoyed their m2000 and look forward to the AV8 also.