My mind always goes to that Pitbull song now.


Don’t get me started on Satin’s cocktail. Long story, but I had to throw away a set of sheets after a bad night with Fireball.


Oh, you can’t tease with that and not finish the story…


No way am I going to immortalize the incident digitally. Maybe over a beer at the first MUDSPIKE Tailhook gathering.


Fine. Then I will have to regale you with the Goldschlager debacle and how I coughed up gold flakes for three days…


I’ll be in your neck of the woods in about 6 weeks…


I’ll come to the US from Europe just to hear it.


Let’s travel together. Can’t wait to hear it as well.


You think that a SR-71 is loud?! Go stand in front of a engine during a testrun!

Yeah I really want to participate in the “THIS IS LOUD” game :wink:


You think an engine on a test stand is loud?!?!

Go stand in front of an atom bomb during a test firing!

do i win?


In a way, yes!



How bad can that be? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



You think an Atom Bomb is loud?
You obviously never met my mother-in-law… :roll_eyes:


I can’t argue with that…


You can’t hear an SR-71 anymore, but you can still hear Harriers and B-1B’s. :wink:


You should be crouched in the corner of an MG post when a Harrier is hovering past over it!!

Blackbird my ass… :laughing:

Mind you - after that Harrier experience, the worst I had was standing a hundred yards from the end of the runway that 6 Danish F-100Ds were climbing out from - that was a rumble and a half!


I see your airplanes and raise you a Saturn V


I once watched a shuttle launch from the KSC employees viewing stand. It felt as if it was launching from my chest. It’s the only time a “thing” ever made me cry.

Those who were around back then say that the Saturn V was considerably louder.