Ever heard - or felt - a Javelin launch?


The Spear, the SAM, or the Wunderwaffe?


Sorry - I got the wrong one, I meant the Charlie-G :blush:

EDIT - what a wally - it wasn’t that either!! I’ve spent ages looking around, cos I wasn’t convinced and I only just remembered - it was the Milan! It’s my age :disappointed_relieved:


Nice little article on such stuff here (sorry for OT):


I got skilled in most - but though the FN SLR was, like most, my personal weapon (and a great bit of kit it was, too) I was always the gunner, with the LMG. My “Bren” had “1942” stamped on the side!


I’ve been in close proximity to several javelin launches, I don’t recall them being terribly loud. The most impressive thing to me was how the missle seemed to hang in the air after exiting the tube, then rocketing off to ruin someone’s day. I’ve also seen one fire off normally, start the top down attack, and then nose dive back into the ground about 150 meters in front of the firing position. That was fun. The loudest weapon I ever witnessed fired, was the SMAW. Ungodly loud.


Yes, I had to correct it - I meant the Milan, which, although doesn’t seem overly loud in the video, emitted a very deep, earth-shaking boom when launched. The first time I heard/felt one was at a NATO firepower demo for the Warsaw Pact top brass in Germany, probably at Sennelager, and it certainly got my attention.


Titan IV was slightly louder than the shuttle, but yes both paled in comparison to the Saturn V.

However, I think it safe to say a rocket will beat a jet for sound every time unless it’s a model rocket. :slight_smile:

Still, even louder than the Harrier and a B-1B was the damned DC-8. That thing had 60s era jet engines on it which, interesting fact, did not combust fuel to create thrust, but rather were disguised speakers designed to shriek at 200db and propel the plane through the air on the pressure of the sound waves alone. These speakers worked so hard black smoke came out the rear.

Nothing worse than being under the pattern of THAT demon, which came in and out twice a week.


As a former line-guy…nothing I’ve met beats the Mu-2 and Gulfstream I for noise. With those Garrett and Rolls Royce Darts respectively, it wasn’t the loudness…but the damn frequency. Woah.


That’s awful! And I love the sounds from (almost) all aircraft!

EDIT: Oh. It keeps getting worse :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. Your measly pitiful computer, smartphone, or tablet speakers are not capable of creating the appropriate sound pressure. But behold the angry beast! I can bet he is not full in it either. Otherwise there would be a great many people soiling themselves.

With regrets we’ve taken this thread far from its original purpose, but there has been not much news from Razbam lately. Could be a good thing.


well they’ve released these:

refueling boom :slight_smile:


The @31stMEU​ is training with the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard. pic.twitter.com/eC5NHWZwZB

— U.S. Marines (@USMC) July 6, 2017

Cool little harrier video


Suck it US Army and DAGR. I saw that coming 12 years ago. APKWS is the system to have for guided rockets!


I’ll tell you what, I’m sure I’ve been around louder but that whistle that the BAC Strikemaster makes on the ground can really be deafening especially if your right next to it.




Bloody hell.
We left “outstanding” in the rear view mirror and are pushing forward! :open_mouth:



well it looks ready … now … RELEASE THE DAMN THING :joy:


The Tarawa’s looking damn fine. The Wasp is shaping up. I’m growing increasingly concerned I’m never going to see the LSD or LPD.


RAZBAM can build a San Antonio LPD, to complement the LHA, LHD and LST