With all the forgers in this thread, we sure could use a little more freestyle.

I put together a little mission last night as a test for anti-shipping operations; I find it pretty cool that the Harrier can do those for light ships (though wouldn’t want to take on heavier ones). My target was a Molinya and it took two Mavericks, a Sidearm, a GBU-12, and a bunch of 25mm rounds to take it out. Because my wingman apparently couldn’t find the throttle lever and when he finally took off, he screamed bingo fuel and crashed.


What are the green and orange lights on the superstructure for?


Lookin’ pretty, what else?


Meatball for jumpjets?


Pretty sure it’s an optical landing aid. Curious how it works for a Harrier or helo though. Can’t really stay on a glide slope when you are hovering over the deck. Maybe it’s for the approach?


You’d probably still want to fly an approach in a helo or harrier like you would normally so I’d guess that.


Did some quick um… “scientific” testing with the new update.

It seems the update to the Mk-20 is global, as they now drop accurately with the Harrier.

The elevator is now solid.

The HUD is now the proper shade of green, Finally! Still no brightness control though.


Watch the deck crew giving the commands. Guy is getting after it!!! Like hes yelling at his dog or something to lay down.


I tell ya’ one thing…the CH-53E has got to be one of the most bad-ass looking airborne vehicle ever. I mean…it just looks mean…and it still looks like it is from the future…and it looks like it should be able to fly. I love those things…


It’s the other way around. Jolly giants have been around forever in one form or another.(and with the new -K for a whole lot longer in the future!) They must have been a source of inspiration to many a sci-fi prop designer.

The CH-53 is one big mother. I remember feeling one approaching, running out to a window to catch a look at what was quaking the earth like that. Very impressive indeed.


CH47 or CH53… I want 'em all.


Yeah…I had the occasion to refuel them sometimes when I was working on the line in Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach, SC. We had the military contract, so I was fortunate to get up and close with pretty much every helicopter in the Army/Navy/Marine/Coast Guard inventory. When the CH-53s or Chinooks showed up, you knew you were gonna put a hit on the Jet A fuel farm…


Anyone else have a broken RWR after the last update? (open beta)


Ridden in many. You can fit a LOT inside one. Also went out the murder hole a few times.


RWR is borked in this update as well. Doesn’t work.


It’s good that the Rockeyes got fixed; I was getting annoyed at having to treat them like Mk81s and trying to get as precise as possible for an area weapon. Now if only we could get the interval controls working, be able to make all those MERs worth their weight in gold. Can anyone confirm if the Tarawa updates fixed the Harrier AI’s willingness to takeoff with a combat load?

Fun fact regarding the CH-53: It’s a cousin to the CH-54 Skycrane. Also, refer to it as the “Super Shitter” because it’s always leaking out fluids; if it’s not leaking fluids, then something’s wrong!


Evidently the update broke the RWR on the M2000C as well.


I can attest to that. Literally every helo I was ever on, was leaking some kind of fluid. You just hoped you weren’t the unlucky one sitting under it.

Story time with highway:
Doing a field op in the P.I. off the Essex, we rode in on 53s, we’re going to be out for 10 days, so full packs everything loaded inside. Bird lands, admin dismount. Guy in front of me has his entire pack soaked in hydraulic fluid. It was being dripped on for the whole ride. Great way to start an operation!


That guy must have been one happy fella for it not being the wonderful fluid we in civy world call SKYDROL.


Getting dipped in any kind of hydraulic fluid is not on my list of “fun things to do.”