These were all the stock missions so everything was already hot, hence my confusion (navigation, for example, was fine on the MPD). Getting adept with LGBs, carrier takeoffs, and landings!



“Hey. You’re not supposed to ride back there.”
“My mistake.”


With that livery one could think it’s a Yak-38 forger…


Or a forgery of a Forger.

I’ll be here all week, folks.


I’ll just try to… Forge-t all of this.


Yak it up, folks.



Here, have some likes.


A Forgone conclusion?

I’ll see myself out.


Isn’t this just forgery of other puns?


It is - we should forget it.

Edit - damn, that was reusing a pun. I’ll come up with something new. Likely won’t. Nevermind.


Takes years to forge up your spirit to this level!


I’m so sorry about all of this. It was a long stressful day at work and I’ve had two beers. I evidently have no judgement left.


? Hey, it was all in good humor! :smiley: It still is, right? :wink:


I was mostly joking above :slightly_smiling_face: …while acknowledging that the quality of the puns was on a steady decline :wink:


Naaah, that happens all the time!

And with all sorts of jokes.
Especially mines. They’re a blast but for very very short time.



New LHA textures are great.


Yes, but the Well deck has been door close (not animations), and has been erase. No landing operations?



Wow that looks awesome…