And what’s wrong with using the Force??! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


'cause using the force to hold the rockets in distracts me from making that one in a million shot!


Seems like the Harrier currently has a lot of glitches when it comes to weapons put directly on the pylons. Mk83s are forward and half sunk into the pylon, while 7 shot pods are the same, with rockets floating in the air.

Somewhat related: it seems the USMC is going to be hanging onto the Harrier for a few more years than anticipated. Turns out that the legacy bug fleet is in worse shape than originally thought and the plan has now changed to replacing bug squadrons with F-35, then Harriers later.


Would the bug replacements be charlies?


No, the Marines ain’t gonna have none o’ that CATOBAR ■■■■ – VTOL all the way!


Current plans are the USAF is getting only A’s, the USMC is getting only B’s, and the USN is getting only C’s.
Likewise no other nations are getting more than a single model.

There are a few nations signed up for one model that have mulled the idea of getting one of the others, such as the UK, but AFAIK none of those plans have gone anywhere yet.

Of course, that could still happen later.


Few questions, if anyone has any answers:

  • The RAZBAM skin template is incomplete, containing only 3 textures when 6 are required. They’re also missing things like markings, etc. Is there a source for a more complete template, to include the pylons, gunpod, fuel tanks, and nozzles? Currently have to try to wrestle with existing textures for those, which naturally is a PITA.

  • The Harrier can be overloaded with four aux tanks and 100% internal fuel. Is this accurate or not? I can’t find any references to it in NATOPS beyond a 32,000lb max gross weight.

  • SUU-25 broken? Using it on a MER results in something that apparently isn’t implemented yet, but on single pylons they appear but can’t be used.


Hope you don’t mind the necro… Been some time since you posted that. But I thought I’d let ya know that while the mechanical stopwatch is indeed not yet functional, there’s a digital stopwatch under the timer function wich is working fine and has seen good use in timing the mavericks on my end.


Looks like the Marines already have some F-35Cs and have 80 planned, according to Wikipedia, in order to augment the Navy’s career air wings.


That’s interesting, considering that the USMC had originally wanted to move completely away from the Navy’s conventional footprint. It’s still rather surprising to me that the Harrier’s service will be extended another decade, but perhaps their usage of the Harrier hasn’t exceeded their usage of the bug.


If i remember correctly the Navy basically forced the USMC into getting some by holding the agreement to augment the Carrier Air Wings over their heads and not accepting the F-35B as a viable option for it.

I wonder if all those Harriers sitting out at DM that the USMC bought from the UK play any factor in that, as a source of lower time spare parts, or something along those lines.


On a purely technical basis, despite operating in the same environments, the Harrier really isn’t going through the stresses of catapult launches as well as arrested landings. I’m certain that makes a marked difference in airframe life, even with vertical takeoffs and landings.


How many vertical T/O and landings are they doing even? I though the majority were flying from fixed bases? I may have misread that somewhere though.


Not a whole lot outside of training is my understanding, but I’m no expert in Harrier ops.


From the ED forums,

Welcome to the First monthly update from Razbam, We will be providing monthly videos detailing the change-logs for the Harrier and Mirage. As well as information on the modules currently in development for DCS.

We will also conduct interviews with the team. So if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and we will try to answer them in the next video.

Remember these videos will be driven by you the community, each month you get to choose what we talk about, So please let us know what you want us to talk about.

So what are we talking about in this video:

*Harrier and Mirage updates

*A quick look at the images and videos we have shown on our
website / Facebook and ED forum

  • A first look at the changes we have created for the ALR-67(v) RWR , including epic new sounds.

  • The first interview in this episode is with Ron the owner of Razbam.

Nothing earth shattering in the video, although they do lay out a wishlist of flyables for the Falklands, and Ron mentions doing a Harrier Gr 7 after the AV8B NA is fully complete.


The fact they are doing a monthly update is a good thing !


Indeed it is!





Mostly out of a professional interest, up to what level is the IGV/Core/Fan system modelled? I did notice an change in the IGV AOA as the compressor was ramping, so that’s nice. I suppose it’s mostly for show or does the ED engine model allow you to take those things into account when developing aircraft?