There is no such thing. All system models are custom code, it allows to model what you want to model. Eds jet engine models are fairly elaborate, IIRC.


I am not talking about the system model, I am talking about the engine model. What kind of level of simulation is provided there?


Engine models (jet engine models) are system models and it is up to the module developer to implement an engine model. So there is no such thing as a general ED engine model (jet engine). I mean there might be a default basic model provided by ED for the module coders to take apart and learn from but I don’t think that there is an ED engine model (if you mean jet engine model).




Alrighty, interesting. Do we know how far Razbam has modelled that?


Harrier hasn’t been getting much publicity lately, anyone know the status on these features:

Correct AUTO bombing function
FLIR hot spot detector
DMT slaves to sidewinder lock
Interval bombing

There may be other features missing, these are just the ones im personally interested in.


Pretty positive these two work but I’ll test the interval bombing out tonight. I’ve been doing the JDAM’s before so unless something is borked it should work!


I think the Harrier still has bugged Mk20s because they don’t seem to do much/any damage when I employ them.

Number of other bugs remain, such as AGM-65E laser tracking errors, AA weapons still firing even though AG mode and weapon selected, etc.


I haven’t seen a JDAM on the Harrier yet, but I haven’t played in a few weeks. The AUTO mode “works” but the steering line is all jacked up.


Oh I see, I was confusing it with laser guided munitions. JDAM would be fun to have! Is it confirmed for the harrier?


At one point it was, haven’t heard mention of really.


AFAIK it was confirmed to be planned to be implemented but they’re waiting for ED to finalize some tech implementations. No idea if there have been updates after that.


This is from their guide, so I assume it’s still in the works. Other stuff not sure.


@Gunnyhighway Interval doesn’t seem to work yet, Tossed of all of my bombs, seconds time I only wanted to throw off two and it did all of em as well. so eeh…


I dont think its implemented yet… I asked the same question over on the ED forums


is it just me … or when i drop bombs in ccip mode, when i hit the pickle button it also designates the area under the ccip cross, as though I have hit the tdc down (press) , i then have to undesignate before dropping more ordanance… I have checked all keybindings for double entries


@tempusmurphy , it might have something to do with the latest update and the controls problem.

@NineLine posted about it on the dcs update thread.

On the issue of controls, after talk with the devs, the recommended action is to remove all profiles from Saved Games, and use the supplied ones. From there you can rebind as needed. Its not recommended to use old profiles at all, at this point.

Sorry guys, I wish there was a way to save the old profiles, but looks like this is the best solution.

So there may be a miss mapping with controls (if i understand it correctly).


I cleared all controls in the saved games area and rebound required controls … just tried it and it still designated the area under the ccip cross… which is also a bit strange because it under normal conditions it should designate under the flightpath marker, unless I am going mad … :slight_smile:


Does this pertain to all Harrier profiles, or just those made prior to 2.5? Thanks.


not sure I am using the latest beta