Oh, I guess noone noticed this, yet.

RAZBAM and F-105. Yeah.
I mean, yeah- cool.



They are 6 numbers off from F-111



…and let’s look at those 6 numbers…

F-106 Delta Dart: I’m ok with passing.

F-107 Maneater: this one could be entertaining as a what - if, especially if you have to eject…

F-108 Rapier: this could also be entertaining as a what if.

F-109: never left the mock - up stage, so pass?

F-110: of course, this was the original designation of the F-4. Phantom Illuminati confirmed.


I believe @Aeromechanical would sell most of his possessions and possibly his girlfriend for this to be a thing.

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Looks a bit like the B-70 Valkyrie?

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :smile:

Really? With the right map (Pacific NW / Siberia), good atmospheric/weather model, non-moronic GCI, and intelligent theatre-level SAM AI, intercepts could be really, really interesting.

Imagine realistic and hypothetical sorties in DCS MiG-25/31, F-106, SR-71, B-1B, or F-15/Su-27.

The water in-between would also be great when the 14 and 18 come out.

I dunno about that but if they ever asked for volunteers to help research and or code it…



Provided we also get a Bear, Bison, and a working Genie.


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There’s a reason for that. :wink:


Just googled, feel pretty silly. Should’a done that earlier… :cold_sweat:

Great. A Thud. I’d love to fly in this since I read Rolling Thunder.

I’d really love to have a FC3 level F-100. :frowning:
Like, a lot.


Meh. A nice enough plane, and of course FC3 level is better than nothing, but I can’t stand non-clickable cockpits anymore.
I can live with not many things being clickable, but the minimum level of clickability for me is Dino Cattaneo FSX level.

My problem with clickable cockpits has to do with TIR…it can be frustrating to try to hold your head still in a combat situation to click on something without clicking the thing next to it that will make everything worse! I’ve tried toggling it on/off but that seems even harder for some reason.

It’s fine in friendly territory when you’re setting things up, but once I’m in combat I need all the important things mapped to keys that are then largely on my HOTAS with a couple of exceptions for things that would rarely be used.

However, the F-105 is a great beast and a worthy match for a MiG-21. :wink:

As for the 106, the “interim” predecessor F-102 was actually much more significant in both numbers and usage (actually flew in Vietnam) despite its technical inferiority to the 106. I like having both in SF2. :smile:


You know how I solved the problem?
Maybe actually you don’t want to know it.
It’s nearly, but not quite completely, insane.

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Hrm. Have you flown the DCS F-86? An F-100 would not be so different, aside from needing to know the airborne restart procedures by heart. (Oh no, it stalled again!)

FC3’s primary advantages come from not needing to learn the nuances or procedures for operating complex stores management, navigation, or sensor systems, and the F-100 has none of those. :smiley:

Is there something about the Hun you’re not so keen on learning or operating?

Well- you see.
My main point would be fast-ish creation as a module- relatively realistic and after all for such a plane there’s just a limited amount of systems to code.
Like- I could actually feel like doing.
Maybe. It’s classified.

Not to mention it’d look badass along the A-4 and whatnot is being developed already- :stuck_out_tongue:

My first thought when I saw the announcement was “Will it ship with the AGM-78?” lol


You could argue that, while frustrating, it’s not unrealistic! Flip the wrong switch or hit the wrong push button maneuvering under G and now you’re dumping out flares or running around with your radar off.

But I know what you mean, it is sometimes tough to look over, steady the view just so, then hold your head still enough to manage to hit the right switch. The struggle is real.