RAZBAM - DCS: F-15E Announced

Early release, alpha, beta—they are all examples of charitable loans. The first times I can recall participating in these programs I was also invited into a beta forum and even signed an NDA in one case. That was years ago. Now companies don’t even bother. The real genius of early release is that it provides cover for a flawed product. Better still, it gives hope to the disappointed customer that eventually all ills will be cured. The “It’s still beta!” mantra is even used by one customer to crudeon the head of another who dost dare complain. It’s a pretty cool system actually.

I think the practice makes sense. A nice little game like VTOL VR with reportedly a single developer would never be possible if he could only release it as a finished product. The Harrier and Hornet, in their unfinished states, have both been the fulfillment of childhood dreams. That sentence will sound entirely pathetic to any reader who isn’t a flight sim nut. But it’s true, they really have. I would have little interest in the F-15 but there is NO WAY I will give it a pass if @klarsnow is still around. Even if I fly it just for an hour with him telling stories on Teamspeak, it will be more than worth the 50 bucks!

About the 2 coders/8 modelers thing: Is there really all that much fresh code in a module? I figured, obviously incorrectly, that they were just a big heap of tables held together by scripts as needed.

Just saying.


Enough for two coders and then some…

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Exciting times indeed. I have really fond memories flying the Mudhen.




There’s not much i’d like to see more than a full blown Mudhen in DCS, but as others i am quite sceptic that RAZBAM can pull it off to the level of detail of the A-10 or the F-18 for the sheer amount of research and intricate systems. If it pans out, it will be a first day buy for me, on final release though.

Could somebody like moderator move all the replays, without F15E in them, to the other thread? :slight_smile:

I was always under the impression that Razbam and Metal2Mesh were one and the same, if that is the case, they’ve definitely had plenty of experience with the Mudhen. I always wanted to pick this up but I can’t stand flying FSX anymore.

I’ve been flying the F-15E since before there was an F-15E. :slight_smile: F-15 Strike Eagle, the first, was on the C64 and Atari 800. The way they modeled that black triangle, as I fought other black triangles, and dropped bombs on a brown triangle before I flew back to my carrier, a blue triangle, was compelling. That was a few years before the real F-15E entered service.

F-15SE2 was just F-19 with a graphics upgrade, radar, no stealth, and a lousy damage model. I mean the ONLY damage you took was to the engine thrust. So take enough hits and you fall out of the sky from lack of power, but your systems are always 100%…a real step back from F-19.

F-15SE3 was my favorite because it had coop. Both 2 planes (and as the game offered no AI wingmen, it meant in coop you had 2x the firepower of SP and it was more fun to boot) and also FS/BS. The only problem was the stick worked for the back, so you could have “control fights” that were awful.

I really like F-15SE4, I mean Jane’s F-15, quite a bit, and put a lot of hours into it offline, but the H2H MP thing was lame. But I learned a lot about SLAR and TGP and such from that.

Unfortunately, once it became too old to fly anymore (I remember buying a Voodoo2 when Jane’s F-15 came out because the fps on my V1 were abysmal) with the passing of my Voodoo 5 and purchase of my first Geforce (Ti4600 I think?), I’ve not flown it again aside from Strike Fighter mods, and that was hardly better systems modeling than F-15SE2, frankly.

Give me Jane’s F-15 in DCS World and I’m fine with that. I do echo the concern they’re biting off more than they can chew, but until it is available for purchase I don’t really care. I only own their Harrier right now and that will be my proof. If they finish it, and do it well, I will consider them for future buys. I never got the Mirage because it didn’t interest me enough for full price, and the lack of sales like they used to run means I probably never will.

I bought the F-86 only because it was $15, and I’ve got less time in it than most of the FC3 planes. The M2K is just not going to give me $40+ value. An F-15E would. Given how much time I’ve spent on the MiG-21 (which I got for $25 I think via the crowdfunding) I’m not even sure I’ll get the 23.


Obviously I have concerns about their ability to complete it (Its a VERY complex module after all) BUT even given that I’m sure it’ll be a MUST have purchase once it gets to Beta release…
My only question is…
Will someone PLEASE recreate that fantastic campaign against Iran (Was it Operation Persiann Fire) :slight_smile:Many happy hours spent flying that in both the F15E and the F18 (thanks to the TSH port)


From Facebook:


I bought the M2K for $30 in December so the sales do come. The Mirage is my 2nd favorite fixed wing after the F-5. And it is the only fixed wing model that has been compelling enough for me bother with odd functions like nav updates and waypoint offsets. That they have been very vocal about continuing its improvement is also a good sign.

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Same for me, in terms of learning the other systems functions, and actually taking the time to do the prep work for campaign missions.

I got to know The Strike Eagle a bit late in The Flight Sim “BOOM” After The release of Jane’s F/A-18E SuperHornet I was Hooked :slight_smile: So I scoured the PC BigBox stores looking for more,and found THIS…


WOW!!! What a Great package for a New Flight Simmer to discover…What a Treasure it was at the time,Although as I soon found out my hardware was no where near able to keep up with the 3D Cockpit and Night Time Strike missions it was still a blast to jump from Pilot to Wizzo and Drop LGB’s

Has RAZBAM mentioned anything about the Pilot/WSO capability?



USNF 97 was a great compilation and it added Vietnam era stuff that was great fun. I spent a lot of time with it and its predecessors USNF/USMF/NATO/ATF. A LOT.


You all an age check?

I am regularly working with retired Navy Captains and AF Majors and Colonels who flew these games before signing up. They are a little shocked to learn that somebody like me, just months from 50, still plays them.


I bought all my Jane’s Combat Simulations Individually from Babbages.

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Secret weapons of the luftwaffe?


Fixed it for you. :wink:


I heard Guderian’s Walliser Schnitzel was to die for.


Wars have been fought for less.