RAZBAM looking for betatester for the M-2000C campaign

Baltic Dragon is looking for a small group of beta testers with varying experience to test the official campaign of RAZBAM Sims Mirage M-2000C.

Instructions can be found here: Official Campaign thread - Page 5 - M-2000 - ED Forums


I would do this but I have a history of getting distracted when I should be testing something :slight_smile:


It’s a good campaign set. The fact that they’re looking for open beta testers shows they care about quality - I hope they get some good testers.

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I hope so too! Although I am not worried about the quality since it’s Baltic making the campaign who has a proven track record.

On another campaign note, is anyone looking forward to the Dynamic Campaign Generator mBot is working on(from Gaurdians of the Caucasus Fame).


Speaking of Gaurdians, perhaps it would be fun as a weekend event to do a GoC campaign runthrough?

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