RAZBAM M2000C Over DCS World 2 Nevada Map

Please see here for images:



Lookin good! Thanks for the update!

Man, that is looking nice. The contrast in this one works really well:


Beautiful! I like this one:


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Ooohhh. Shiny !

Any word on its systems fidelity? FC3 level or black shark/warthog level?

New post on simhq says it will be out for pre purchase soon and loads more screened.

clickity click

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Supposed to be DCS quality in terms of modeling- wax my moustache and call me Jacques, this’ll be a Day One Preorder for me. So what’s the French equivalent of B**ching Betty? La Bousiller Belle? Racquelle La Raler? Charmonix La Chipie?

Uh oh…“soon”…I prefer when they say “a couple years” then spring it on us in a couple months. I’m ready to be surprised that way…


The campaign is going to consist of flat-hatting all over Africa (seems the French love flying that thing at low altitude!)


Pretty sure that’s all fighter pilots. To quote the warrior bards Dos Gringos:

Flying fighters, fighters, I love it so!
I love to fly fast, I love to fly low;
When I talk about five hundred knots and 9G’s,
All the women’s panties fall to their knees.

@Navynuke99 - Cue obligatory Jet Pilot video…(I love this one…it never gets old)

“Let me introduce to you myself to you…”

My favorite bar pickup line…


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Ahhh classic.

“Let me let you buy me a drink for me…”

Definitely had that one work a time or two once upon a time.

This is a definite purchase for me. Have been really looking forward to this particular one for a while. Going to be interesting to drive and try something so different.