Looks like a MiG-23.

Probably a MiG-19

Check the facebook post


I do.
Basically these guys on ED forums where looking for some modeller and texturer among the forum community (I offered myself and we were talking) when Razbam dropped in like a wrecking ball and swept the guys off their feet.

All good except for me. :slight_smile:
It’s ok, I’ll live…


Yeah I noticed that too a week or two ago.

Not too interested in the MiG-19 but the MiG-23 would be AWESOME! Especially if it is an MLD (multi-role).


Looking at the cockpit I suspect it’s an -MLA or -MLD. I can’t find an obvious radar screen which would imply it has the ASP-17 HUD/B-Scope, and thus indicative of a later model variant.


My Flogger fu is stronk



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Also mig-19P or Farmer-B for you NATO types.
Depending on if early or late it can carry heaters, but primary armament would be twin 30mm in the wing roots, and it has a gun ranging radar in the nose. Seriously doubt any sort of radar Missile capability in any of the gun armed farmers.

Somewhat related…

Gotta catch all the early migs


23 MLA is a pure fighter isn’t it?
That would make me a bit sad.


It may be able to carry dumb bombs, but other than the bn/27 all floggers were pure a/a


And the bn was not really any better than the mig-21bis at it


I am not sure whether that is correct.
The MLD had a radar with ground modes IIRC and the GDR used it for A2G, I have a book about it, would have to look it up.


Huh. Checked it and it seems I remembered it wrong. It seems it really only had unguided bombs, rockets, and the AS-7 Grom (kh66 and kh23) so similar to the Leatherneck 21bis.


Other than everything carrying dumb bombs and rockets the russkies really weren’t into multirole or swing role fighters until the Flanker series started getting exotic to sell them to other people. To be fair we weren’t either really until the mid 70s with F-16s and Hornets. Not saying there weren’t exceptions (F-4 in some ways sticks out) or that A/G platforms didn’t have A/A capability or vice versa, it was just very limited to mainly methods of dumb bombing and rockets. Anything from the 50’s through the early 70’s is going to be fairly specialized.

The Mig-21Bis is actually more capable A/G wise than I expected with the Grom missile, and the ability to use its Jaybird Radar(US designation) for some sort of A/G ranging. Don’t expect anything better unless its either pure A/G, or part of the apocalypse of scopes, targeting pods, laser pods, etc that all came into existence in the late 70’s early 80’s.


So, with that MiG-19, when are we getting a Crusader or Hun? MOAR GUNFIGHTERS NEEDED


Gosh, @Navynuke99 hit it on the head. The F-100 would just be “The right stuff”. P-Hun intended.


MiG-19 versus F-100: Who can engine-stall last? Failing that, who can mid-air restart first!?

Exciting news nonetheless, I look forward to playing the Beta in 2018.


UH-1 - check
MiG21 - check
MiG19 - check
F-4E - ???





Like, never! It’s already bad enough the eye sore known as the F14 will come to DCS… Where is my electric lightning???1111!!!


Those are a looooooooong time out.