RAZBAM - MIG-23 Announced


(apparently it’s legit this time…)

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Outstanding! I will most likely drop some cash for the 23. I wonder what surprise number two will be?


Wait, there’s a torpedo bomber version?


Fingers are still crossed for an Intruder.


MiG-27 would be awesome too.

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Intruder, Intruder, INTRUDER!!!

Stop being coy PaulRix. Razbam literally just took money out of our accounts The only thing we don’t know is when they will cash the check.
We are… ALL IN!

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Wonder what the timeline is on this thing? End of next year maybe?

Super pumped for that one.

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I’m trying to visualize a full switch Flogger. WOW!!!

Will be great to have this to go against the F-4E when it comes along. Don’t expect something easy to fly, though!

Go fast. Don’t go slow. Turning optional. Juche and or Proletarian Fervor Required.

Night Of Fire

And the F-14, I’d imagine.

Is there really an OUT option…? :wink:


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if nothing else, hoping this means a new AI 3D model for the Mig 23.

I could see picking this one up post early access, if for no other reason than to play test pilot.

So does anybody know what variant we’re getting? It appears to have a HUD and no radar scope, so at least a - P?