Found some Wip shots of the razbam mig 23 MLA so I thought I’d pop a new thread up for any news.

This one looks great so far

Found on and credit to hoggit


Quite looking forward to this one.

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Me as well. It is perhaps my favorite MiG even though its not a very good fighterplane by any means. All it really has going for it is that it’s stupidly fast. Turns out I like soviet planes that go fast.

I vividly remember the excitement I felt as a kid over that flogger that flew all the way from east-Germany into Belgium sans pilot. He bailed on the thing, but it decided to be a Good Communist, straightened up and flew right until it ran out of fuel. Cold war was tense back then.

I hope razbam steals heatblurs cockpit rattle for this and the -19. That makes every plane better imo.

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I will be adding this to the MiG stable.

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One of my favourite eastern planes.
Definitely going to buy that one, especially since the MiG-19 seems to tell us that Razbam can do MiGs.

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Some details about LAZUR Mig-23MLA system.