RAZBAM: Mirage 2000C

The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Don’t shut up about it. :slight_smile:

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This module just keeps getting better! Last year they added the most realistic Doppler radar simulation ever. We now have radars interfering with each other on the same channel, as well as interference of the onboard jammer and even noise (random returns and the doppler reject filter being simulated).

And today’s update will feature an engine update to bring that part of the Mirage simulation up to speed with the kind of simulation that Heatblur modules have. Full engine parameters simulation, flameout, etc. It comes with the needed flight model tuning to account for the changed engine behaviour.

This is rapidly becoming the most realistic DCS module. I am so happy that Razbam keeps making the Mirage better and better. It has now been almost 7 years since I bought it.


I’m betting down the road they will eventually (Because of South Atlantic Map) continue development of Mirage series with the Mirage III or what was that Israeli equivalent the Argentines had? Of course you’ve got the Mig-23 coming eventually.

I love this aircraft as well. Beautiful module. I’m also having a blast again with the Harrier.

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Some nice fixes for the Mirage 2000C.