RAZBAM Q&A June 2016

RAZBAM did a community Ask Us Anything a few days ago. Some interesting things in here:

Q: which wip module you are working on do you think is the hardest
A: programming hasnt begun yet, but the AV-8B will be a real challenge.
A: Agreed, we definitely got our feet VERY wet with the M-2000C though, but the AV-8B will definitely bring on new challenges

Q: has ED provided any info on how ground radar is coming along?
A: Yes and we cannot tell anything about that. We are under NDA.

Q: have you gotten your hands on any of the ground radar tech from ed yet?
A: Not yet. Ed will provide a SDK and sample when they feel ready.

Q: In what Programing language you guys code for DCS?
A: C++ and, of course, LUA

Q: I thought the Mirage 2000 was an oddball choice to build until I flew it and loved it…anything else in store that may be a pleasant surprise that’s not usually on people’s wish lists?
A: the AT-27 has proved to be a polarizing announcement. However we’re conifdent that we can make believers out of most, as we have with the M-2000C. The AT-27 is a very capable aircraft.

Q: Can we expect the tucano next then after the M2?
A: don’t quote me, but the AT-27 will indeed most likely be our next release.

Q: you guys have mentioned that your shooting for 2 releases a year, does this mean it is likely we will see it this year?
A: That is our goal. So probably the next release will be the Tucano, but do not dismiss the Harrier. Depends on how fast development goes for each aircraft.

Q: Compared to turbofans and pistons, what are some challenges the turboprop presents?
A: Turboprops are very much similar to regular gas turbines. However there are nuances like blade aerodynamics, reduction gear, etc that will mix it up!

Q: Are there any future plans for other gen 4 fighters or other eastern block fighters?
A: the Mudhen is planned.

Q: I have one question. Will the D2M be fitted into the Mirage?
A: Very likely.

Q: turning back the clock, do you any ww-2 plans? (would be extremely greaful for a p-38
A: well, actually im pretty fond of the lighting. BUT, right now, we are terribly busy as it is. There are 3 projects going on, not to mention we got to wrap up the 2000

Q: Any plans on terrains?
A: No.

Q: The three projects being mirage 3, and which others?
A: Tucano, Harrier and Mirage III are being worked on currently

Q: I read a post somewhere about the complexity of the Super Tucano compared to the regular Tucano. It seems like a whole new thing. Assuming you continue with the ST, are there any assets you could reuse at all?
A: Very little. We have code we reuse, but the main problem is the aircraft user interface. They change form aircraft to aircraft.

Q: What aspects do you guys look over when deciding what aircraft you’ll module next?
A: many aspects. OUr ability (based on tools, skill, manpower), community interest, etc.

Q: on the topic of the F-15E, the strike eagle already has a good looking 3d model in game, when you start work on yous will you build off of that model or will you start from scratch?
A: We are using ED’s exterior with our own cockpit fitted to it.

Q: Speaking of the Mirage III, I’m assuming it’s probably way too early to say, but what’s the release window you’re shooting for on the shahak? A lot of us are really excited for more 3rd-generation fighters.
A: you said it, its way too early to call. Possibly late 2017.

Q: I read about the 2000c being able to use a pod for laser guided munitions, is this in the plans, or is it merely planned as an interceptor
A: That is the D, which is a two seater dedicated attack aircraft with a different radar. THe Mirage 2000C was never wired for it.

Q: I’m curious on the status of the CCRP auto release feature in the Mirage. Any idea of when this feature will be implemented?
A: Probably after the INS. I need to get going with that.

Q: are you guys working on any non aircraft/weapon assets? ex. ships, tanks
A: Not at this time. There is a chance of a Leopard II MBT, but it´s too far in the future, even ED is not completely ready for such

Q: Who is working on the Tucano btw?
A: tha AT-27 FM will be my baby, systems by Zeus

Q: OV-10?
A: Not in the near future

Q: Hi Razbam! I’ve had much more fun in the M2000C than I initially thought when I bought it and it’s been interesting to see the development iterations.
Abput the M2kC radar: Are we going to see still a lot of new features added changed in the future?
A: remaining work is largely on the INS and MWS, however there are a few details yet to be added to the radar (such as terrain avoidance mapping, which is dependant on ED’s ground radar).

Q: What kind of weapons can we expect with the MII
A: he initial proposed and under development MIrage III is the Shahak, so you can expect shafir I, Aim-9B´s , rocket pods and dumb bombs

Q: So would future steps down the road continue with Dassault airframe? Maybe a mirage 4000, f1, jaguar, and others?probably many years down the road
A: Jag is on, the rest nope…probably a Super Etendard, but that´s too far in the future as of right now

Q: How often do you guys just get to spend a night shooting missiles at each other and forget the programming/coding/modelling/texturing side of things?
A: Since Greg and I are frequently available at the same time we try to get a flying/testing session going at least once a week and it always turns into a mess of whose going to suprise shoot the other person first

Q: and as a follow up question, who’s the best M2000C pilot in RAZBAM?
A: Prowler is by far the best…

Q: Have you heard of an Avro Shackleton? If you had access too scans of any paperwork and blueprints for it would you consider building one
A: …well how fun is it to be 5 to 8 hours going around the ocean?..i mean, in FSX that´s basically what you do, but here…

Q: Hey guys, let me make a question, what are the modules that are going to be released this year? Tucano?
A: Tucano and Harrier

Q: Thanks! How about all those filter switches besides the radar screen? Do you have information about how they work and do you plan to model them for example?
A: The switches on the sides of the VTB are used for Ground Controlled Interceptions. I’ll probably enable a couple of them because they are related to the INS, but they mainly have no function in DCS.

Q: You guys’ll have multi-crew support for the mudhen, right?
A: That’s on ED. If he give us the tools then yes.

Q: What program do you use to model and map your aircraft?
A: 3DS Max

Q: Besides age, what are the major differences between mirage 3 and 2000
A: Avionics

Q: I think it was mentioned you’re working on the M-III. Are you working on the UV map and texturing for it also, or do you pass it on for texturing?
A: Yes, I’m working in the M-III but not yet in the UVs, still in the modeling process

Q: If you guys model that kind of engine stress in the module, that would be insane
A: Of course!

Q: Hello guys! Is any other variant than the IIICJ planned ? Such as the french IIIC, IIIR(D) or IIIE.
A: The E, as it is relatively similar to the CJ (sabe for the engine).

Q: what do you think is the limiting factor regarding the amount of time it takes to finish a module
A: Information | How real you want it to be.

Q: are there any plans for an LHD? know its out of your expertise but it is worth it to ask
A: it’s been discussed, but no progress or news on that topic at the moment. | I did a LHD for an old Aerosoft Seahawk/Jayhawk title for FSX.

Q: Great work RAZBAM on the Mirage 2000. One question you are doing the Mirage III variant, for pre purchase customers of the M2000 any chance of a complimentary upgrade?
A: sorry no chance at all

Q: Any amusing bugs encountered along the development of your planes?
A: None that I can recall.

Q: Is there any Mirage M5/50 planned after the III ? Belgians 5BA with canards or Chilean 50s Elkan could be interesting
A: Not in the short term

Q: How is the A-6 coming along?
A: current 3d mesh is going to be scrapped and a new one will be done from scratch

Q: As for the 2000, is the B two seater planned ?
A: Nope

Q: which is the AV-8B+, correct?
A: AV-8B Harrier II Night Attack

Q: what part of the Harrier today @RAZBAM_Prowler (He said he was working on the Harrier as he typed)
A: main aft landing gear, the cockpit is 90% ready, the exterior is at least another month before it gets into the sim

Q: And what about the Kfir, guys? specifically the Colombian version
A: the Mirage III won over the Kfir, so i think no Kfir in the short term

Q: Allright! That’s too bad, as we could almost replicate a fighter pilot course in the French Air Force a couple of decades ago (Tucano -> TB.30 -> AJet -> 2000B) - now the Tucano has been replaced by SR22 and Grob 120 in the FAF.
A: we are doing the AT-27 Tucano, not the version France used

Q: I watched a documentary on the six day war recently. I’m so hyped about the Mirage III and can’t wait for servers to recreate that war and pit the MII with the MiG-21
A: well, that´s the whole point behind the module, LMAO

Q: any plans for an israeli map to go along with the Mirage III?
A: not from us, we don´t have such resources as it is currently

Q: Do you know Restauravia? They have developped and amazing IIIB and IIIC for FSX
A: indeed, i spent 12 yrs in MS simulators, and i think i know them all (and respect them as well)

A: But i´m pretty sure that after the DCS Harrier, i´m going to close the MS simulators production line
the main problem is time, the day is 24hrs long only…and then there is the wife, kids and of course…surfing

Q: what do you mean by closing the MS simulators production line?
A: no more MSFSX/P3D from us

Q: does that include upcoming FSX/P3D releases?
A: no, those will be completed

Q: oh, but the stuff already in FSX that you’re bringing to DCS will continue, like the a-6
A: is safe to say we moved over to DCS and plan to stay as long as we can

Q: By the way, concerning the 2000, are there upcoming flight dynamics tweaks ? For instance, I believe the aircraft bleeds energy too much, compared to what I have saw/gathered from the crews (i.e at sea level, max AB max G turn)
A: that´s cptsmiley´s dept, but you can be confident that it will be as close as ED allows us

Q: Does the Harrier you’re working on Prowler have an A/G radar?
A: no it does not, main reason we choose to start with that one…originally it was supposed to be a GR7/9 and the model was created in that regard, but then we stumbled in the fact that most if not all the targeting pods and systems are classiffied, it was decided that the Night Attack version was the one | But a Sea Harrier will come as well…eventually

Q: As I understand it the Night Attack Harrier has an integrated TGP, right?
A: no, it does use the litening II po d

Q: So it will have similar if not the same capabilities to the a-10c?
A: sans the 30mm


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