Read It / Do It #01: North American X-15


No biggy. I knew it wasn’t intended. And now I am a little embarrassed for having made a thing of it. Carry on!


This is it, Mudspike Drama of the Year. Sites will report widely on this rift in the community of missquoters!

@BeachAV8R any comments on this is affecting daily mudspike operations?!


TIL I’m a Captain. :wink:


I’m just hoping one day another site will cobble together our out of context comments into a rap song… (a bit NSFW-ish)

You know when you are a Captain when you look at the day’s weather forecast, and decide based on where it will be raining which legs you’ll fly, and which ones you’ll be responsible for the walk-around. :umbrella: :sun_behind_small_cloud:


This is too easy! :joy:

No, seriously…

I’m glad you brought it up!
It’s the best way to clear up any misunderstandings.

I’ll carry on now… :upside_down_face:


Great read, so pleased to see these coming out again I reset my lost password to comment - excellent choice of subject, too - I have a model of 66671 sitting next to my monitor right now.

Regarding future read/do (and given the amount of work outlined above, I could understand if you need a lengthy break :slight_smile: have you considered Fate is the Hunter, or Warthog by Smallwood (Gulf map from DCS would assist), or the Cecil Lewis book in RoF?

Always appreciated, whatever the topic!


That is a great book - one of my favorites. Some of his descriptions would make me break out in a sweat. Those guys flying those early passenger route days were real pioneers doing an incredibly dangerous job.

I actually did do a Read It / Do It for that book (edit - oops…wrong book!) over on SimHQ nearly a decade ago (!):

I would love to update that article with some new content from DCS World if we get an F-15E…!


Ha…reading some of that stuff I wrote from that old SimHQ article makes me smile:

“I have a recurring dream — a dream where the icons of simulation greatness (like CJ “Smut” Martin, Scott “Elf” Elson, and Matt “Wags” Wagner) come together and decide to replicate some of the old Jane’s titles with modern day programming.”


Pssst! @BeachAV8R… Wrong book!
Now, you know you have to do it! :wink:


LOL…there I go…just looking at the wrong half of a sentence. Warthog! Not Strike Eagle. :thinking: Now that is a GOOD idea…!


I need to stop doing that! :rofl:

But on a serious note…
DCS: A-10C
DCS: Persian Gulf
Smallwoods «Warthog»
@BeachAV8R reading and doing…

I’d pay to read that article…!


A nice dissection of the infamous Neil Armstrong atmospheric “skip” flight and how it was portrayed in the First Man movie that was recently released…

Image from Sierra Foot.ORG