Ready or Not on early access vis Steam and looking good

Posted about this one over a year ago, finally playable and very fun.

This is a broadcast I did yesterday, the first 15 mins is about the game and weapon customization, then a couple missions… my mic went out so will be deleting this one in a few days …

Ready or Not Alpha SP 1st Look - YouTube

This is a broadcast from this morning… 3 single player missions, just testing the AI… was fun…

Ready or Not SP AI Testing (Early Access) - Twitch


I’ve been following this, looks like a decent “SWAT 5” option.

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@Magnum50 great videos!

Its on my wishlist, any roadmap or kinda feel for what the end will look like?

Well in a post yesterday, they said priority is the AI and new locations followed by mods and more customization… still too early in game to really see where it goes.

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Probably enough for me to pull the trigger and get this one then,

First of all, your left handed control scheme is screwed Magnum. I have a right handed control scheme focused around the arrow keys on the right side of the keyboard that I’ve been using since 1996 that blows your left handed bs out of the water. :smiley:

Secondly, this game is totally worth the $40 for the laugh factor with the AI support team alone! You just gotta know how to use them, and they are quite effective. First time using them tonight …

BTW, you’ll see that I totally miss a suspect in the first room that I pick up later LOL! Then I get curious about a locked opposing door and get myself blufored LOL! Laughs galore.

Totally random scenarios every time … love it! (4K vid processing now)


lol//// why are you yelling at doors so much? and whats those yellow squares, a bug? I don’t see those in mine. :wink:

Ha ha! I just love yelling “GET DOWN” repeatedly before I even enter the room … puts the fear of god into them! :smiley:

It’s a setting option, command marker or something similar. It shows where your officers are going to stand when given a command.

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I’m full of Christmas Eve turkey and wine and trying out Ready Or Not multiplayer. :smiley:

It’s so seamless … there’s no server browser. You just go to the Public Lobby which is the police station. You freely walk around checking loadouts and gear … go to the shooting range, kill house etc etc (who knows, this is my first time). Most guys on the shooting range and in the kill house are assholes LOL! This IS the internet of course … but they DO show you the harsh realities of operating in the field.

I gotta say, Ready Or Not is BLOWING MY MIND in terms of the quality of realism and difficulty and clarity of voice comms for an EARLY ACCESS build!!!

Here’s me with a bunch of random pubs tonight (pubs don’t talk much or their mics are set too low). I still have no idea what I’m doing and I get murdered miserably in the end but did I laugh when it happened? Yes.

(4K processing now)

If any of you guys get RON and need a clueless trainee, dial me up … Elby or ElbyZero I think.


this game is superb! Even in its early access state I haven’t had this much fun since the original Rainbow Six and of course the old SWAT games.

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We all need to meet up on Discord and get a Mudspike SWAT raid going!


I’d be down for that when the holidays are over. I’m installing it on my laptop tonight to check out next layover.


If you guys have any good strategies against booby trapped doors, let me know. I’m thinking the shockwave of C2 on doors sets them off from a distance … maybe stinger grenades and flashbangs too. The thing is, as soon as you open a booby trapped door when you’re right by it … BOOM, you’re screwed. :slight_smile: I haven’t had time to mess with it in depth.

From what I’ve seen… you get hit with negative points if they even go off… you have to mirror or have a teammate mirror under the door, once the door is called as booby trapped, you have to disarm it or order your teammate to disarm it… I’ll see if I can make a quick clip to show/explain.

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Oh cool, you can disarm them? The thing is, how can you even get close in a room with only one door?

Standing by for your tutorial. :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d get off my lazy ass and fool around with RoN and booby traps today. Everything Magnum said is right. Here’s me calling one out to my teammate a few minutes ago (slow newb style and you can’t hear my voice) …

A lot of the traps seem to be wire traps with a grenade on the end. You or your teammate just crack the door open a bit exposing the wire that you just cut or whatever SWAT guys do LOL!

As sad as it may seem, I’m available for RoN all night this New Year’s Eve if anyone wants to get drunk, shoot some guns and have a laugh or two! :smiley:


More multiplayer from tonight. Fun time with a group of complete strangers! Ready or Not is my late entry for Game of the Year 2021!!! So polished for an early access game …

Pro Tip: If you want to get a good game going fast, just jump into the Public Lobby and start saying hi to people with your Push to Talk key.


Some big updates/additions to RoN planned for January. :partying_face:

Summary (click me)

5 Game Modes Added to Existing Maps

  • Raid on 213 Park Homes, ‘Twisted Nerve’
  • Bomb Defusal on Port Hoken, ‘Hide and Seek’
  • Hostage Rescue on Caesar’s Cars Dealership, ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice’
  • Active Shooter and Hostage Rescue on Wenderly Hills Hotel, ‘Checkin’ In’

New and Improved Voice Lines

  • New voice actor for Tactical Operation Command(TOC).
  • Removal of outdated legacy voice lines.
  • More voice line variety for civilians.

New Weapons

  • R7: magazine fed, highly customizable pepperball gun.
  • MK.16 SCAR L: 5.56 assault rifle.
  • Krinkov SLR: Powerful and compact carbine.
  • MK1 BCM: 5.56 assault rifle exclusive for Supporter Edition owners.

Improved Weapons and Equipment

  • Improved weapon descriptions in the Loadout Menu.
  • G19 model upgraded to Gen5.
  • M9A1 new model.
  • CS Gas, Stinger, and Flashbang new models.

Other Improvements Include

  • Alpha testing for other language localization: German, Korean and French(More to come later)
  • Application of Vivox for improved in-game comms – better clarity and volume, ability to change input devices.
  • Improving and reworking Rules of Engagement/use of force penalties.
  • Adjustments to Civilian A.I. morale and likelihood to surrender.
  • Improved Voting and Player Control: Server admins and ability to kick players as host.

Along with these new additions, we will be releasing patches and bug fixes as often as we can. Once again, we would like to thank you all for the tremendous amount of support we have received. If you are enjoying playing Ready Or Not, we encourage you to leave a review and follow us on Steam.

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So, after spending some more time with RoN, I will partially retract my statement about level design. There are bits of brilliance in the level design, countered with some less than brilliant. My main issue is the that much like SWAT 3 and SWAT 4 before it, some of the levels are just ridiculous in size for the element you have to work with. Secondly the interior spaces on some levels are massively outsized (the convenience store for example), which really for me kind of breaks the illusion. The hotel for example has some perfectly reasonable spaces and layouts, and then some of the “suites” are just a ridiculous collection of walls and doors. The SWAT predecessors at least avoid that faux pas.

Also, as a general pet peeve in FPS’s the spread on the shotgun is ridiculous. Even buckshot from the mid 90’s when I started shooting patterned better than in game, and modern LE buck shot will punch a barrel sized hole out to about 7-10 yards (I oversaw ammo testing for my agency).


Yup, right now I’m not really enjoying how long and tedious all of the levels are.

My favorite scenarios in SWAT 3 (never got into 4 too much, only played briefly, didn’t like the cartoon look of it) were the smaller maps that felt more reasonable for a five man entry team. Ready or Not has none of those.

And the AI has some work to do. The gunplay is some of the best I’ve ever seen, and the sound is awesome, but those two elements need some work for sure. It has potential, I’m going to check back in on it in a year.

In the mean time, I discovered Ground Branch, and am LOVING it right now! :open_mouth:

ETA: If you try GB, do the community testing / evaluation branch (CTE).

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